Top Foods to Eat in August

We’re already so close to fall, but there is still so much to enjoy in the remaining weeks of summer! Explore the seasonal produce of August to get some very special cooking inspiration!

8 Fun Recipes to Cook for Kids and with Kids

If you are a parent or have friends with kids who drop by every once in a while, you surely know how hard it is to make those picky eaters enjoy a meal. Those experienced in parenting say that the best way to make a child eat is to involve the little one into the cooking process. So team up and cook one of the 8 great kid-friendly recipes that even a child can through together (with a bit of your help), and, what’s more important, that the whole family will enjoy!

Wonderful Watermelon in Facts and Figures

Did you know August 3 is National Watermelon Day? Celebrate the fun holiday with some fun and serious facts about the fruit’s (or vegetable’s?) nutrition value, history, and modern use!

Summer Cookout Ideas: 7 Steak Sauce Recipes

Ever tasted a real grilled steak? It is a work of art, a masterpiece you can admire with your palate, a symphony for your taste buds. But why do people keep saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Fix yourself one of these amazing steak toppers or sauces to add a new dimension to the flavor of your steak!

Top Foods to Eat in July

Let’s continue with our sunlit journey through the lush summer produce! The month of July brings so many fruits and vegetables to their peak, so it’s a waste not to try them all while they are at their best! Find out what to keep an eye for at farmer’s markets this month!

5 Worst Foods For Summer

Unfortunately, summer meals of choice are not always plant-based, despite the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables on store shelves. Learn which summer foods you need to avoid to have a healthier diet this season.

Top 5 Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mistakes

Even if you’ve baked chocolate chip cookies dozens of times, you still run the risk of messing the whole batch up. Follow 5 easy tips to make sure your cookies are always perfect!

Cookout Menu Ideas for Your Independence Day Party!

Looking forward to the loudest and the most important celebration of the year? Independence Day will get you outdoors next Tuesday, with your grill sizzling with juicy steaks and burgers. Well, that, of course, will be non-vegan associations, and what if some of the friends you are going to invite or even you yourself are a vegan? We are here to dispel all doubts! Your cookout menu can incorporate both plant-based and traditional barbecue dishes! Use our tips and recipes to enjoy a great red, white and blue cookout at your 4th of July BBQ party!  

Top Foods to Eat in June

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to write seasonal guides with every month, as warmer weather encourages more and more produce to grow colorful and ripe! Let’s see which are at best in June!  

5 Juicy Superfoods to Enjoy in Summer

Summer is a juicy season, in more than one sense. The sense we’d like to elaborate upon now is fruit, which are at their peak, bursting with juice, vitamins and nutrients. Find out which deserve special attention this summer!


How to Indulge in Delicacies and Stay Healthy

When we decide to adopt what is now known as a "healthy lifestyle," we feel adamant that we will abstain from any treats whatsoever. But time passes and we find it harder and harder to keep away from "unhealthy" foods. Thing is, we can digress from our strict diet, but we need to learn how to incorporate delicacies into our healthy eating plan in the correct way. Let's find out the right way to do it together!

Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Everyone

If your body experiences an injury or gets an infection, it gives an immediate immune response in form of an inflammation. As long as it is under control, inflammation is essential to healing. But if it gets loose, it may cause significant inconveniences or even damage the body, e.g. as in case of rheumatoid arthritis. However, there is a tasty way to curb inflammation and prevent or at least reduce pains. Take a look at the list of anti-inflammatory foods we prepared for you and consider including some or all of them into your daily eating plan.

5 Reasons to Love Cheese

Cheese… Are you already imagining it in melted strings or feather-light shreds sitting on top of your pasta bowl? Whichever your cheesy fantasy is, we’re almost sure there is one. On average, an American consumes 23 pounds of cheese annually, and there are 5 good reasons for that! Let’s find out why everyone loves cheese so much!

Sauce Mates: Tips for a Pasta-Sauce Matchmaker

What does this recipe call for elbow macaroni and that – for penne pasta? Turns out, the shape is the key. One should choose from the many varieties of pasta shapes the one that will pair up with a certain sauce. Let’s find the perfect sauce match for some of the most popular pasta shapes!

5 Things to Keep Clean to Avoid Food Poisoning

The world demands multitasking – sometimes we have to talk on the phone, watch TV, look after our kids, and prepare food at the same time. As if that weren’t enough to overlook important details, warmer weather brings more cheerfulness and consequent light-mindedness in our lives! Don’t take us wrong, we are not complaining, we’re just stating the fact: one should take special precautionary measures in spring and summer to avoid food poisoning. As well as in any other season.

Top Foods to Eat in May

May is the season of tender short-lived greens and blossoms; some of them are only available for a couple of weeks before growing further on and bearing fruit. Find out which May produce you can refresh your menu with!

5 Easy Mexican Side Dishes for Cinco de Mayo

Many people think of Mexican cuisine in terms of stereotypes – they consider traditional Mexican dishes heavy, too hot, loaded with cheese and other fats. But the only reason that could lead to such a misconception must have been the unavailability of authentic ingredients. With specialty Mexican foods becoming more widely available, we feel obliged to bust all of the above-mentioned stereotypes and invite you to try authentic Mexican side dishes – vibrant, colorful, and complex, varying from region to region, but staying unalterably delicious and fun - for Cinco de Mayo! 

Why We Crave Food and How to Tame Our Cravings

Your hunger sometimes seems a very strange thing – one day you have your regular meals and move on, and the next day you may eat nonstop consuming all the food you can find in the fridge.


Top Foods to Eat in April

With spring creeping up on the world and summer looming not far away around the corner, the variety of fresh produce becomes more and more abundant. Let’s see what’s in season in April and find out how to shake up your daily menu with fresh ideas!

How to Measure the Optimal Size of Your Portions Easily

The majority of people have no problem realizing what they should eat to have a healthy balanced diet. But we should keep it in mind, too, that the size of our portions is just as important as the quality of the food itself. Find out how to measure a sufficient amount of different foods with our easy comparison-based guide.

10 Probiotic Foods to Add to Your Diet

You probably know that probiotics are helpful intestinal bacteria that ensure proper functioning of our digestive system. But do you really know how you can get “infected” by them? We’ve got an answer for you. Well, 10 answers, really. There is a whole list of probiotic foods that you can include into your diet to boost its health benefits. Remember though that the healthiest of healthy foods are organic; so, if there is a variety of options, make sure you choose the organic one.

Dropped Food: Why 5-Second Rule Does Not Work

You’re carrying your lunch or just an apple and suddenly…you drop it! What’s your first thought? Pick up the food that seems clean and pretend that everything is ok? Give up the idea! It is official: "5-second rule" doesn’t work!

National Frozen Food Month Tips

The anticipation of spring has reached a critical level, but while we are all too ready to wake up from hibernation, most garden cultures are not. But don’t you worry – March is National Frozen Food Month! Below you will find the tips on how to stock your freezer up and use frozen fruit and vegetables to your benefit!

Top Foods to Eat in March

The transition into spring brings so much joy that one wants to project it on every sphere of life. Why not incorporate the fresh feeling into your daily menu? Below you’ll find a list of foods that are at their best in March: fruit, veggies, meats and greens and the links to some recipes to welcome the season of new beginnings with!

5 Quick and Easy Low-Calorie Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage is a perfect vegetable – it’s cheap and easy-to-find. Including cabbage recipes into your regular diet (a serving of at least 1 cup of cabbage 2-3 times a week) is a very healthy decision for any season, since it contains much fiber and antioxidants well-known for their heart disease and cancer preventive properties.

Easy and Tasty Mardi Gras Recipes

Mardi Gras is the last chance for believers to indulge in rich food before Lent, that’s why it’s no wonder that parties on the occasion are always fun and accompanied by the brightest and the most delicious dishes. How to celebrate Fat Tuesday and not die of fatigue getting ready for the event? Find the list of the best and the easiest ideas for your Mardi Gras party menu!

Top Foods to Eat in February

February might be winter’s refined torture, a way to test human patience. Spring is not exactly on its way yet, and still, we need it desperately to come a.s.a.p. and add variety to our lives. But why, let’s do it ourselves by incorporating surprising seasonal produce into our February menu!

Valentine’s Day Romantic Menu Ideas, Tips and Tricks

There is a saying that states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Let’s be honest: no woman will stay off a mouthwatering meal either. With this in mind, we bet you want to treat your beloved to a tempting, scrumptious Valentine’s Day dinner! But we know nobody wants to swelter in the kitchen for 5 hours in a row. This is why we’d like to offer you a few easy and yummy Valentine’s Day recipes, share a few tricks and secret aphrodisiac ingredients that will help you cook an unforgettable romantic dinner to set the tone of the whole night!

8 Easy Appetizer Ideas for a Super Bowl Party

Looking forward to Super Bowl 51? Then you should definitely stash some of these super easy football recipes! Fill your bowl with super snacks that only call for 5 ingredients or less – they are sure to make your sports-related stress eating healthy and/or delicious!    

Late-Night Eating: Doing it Right

People who eat the main part of their daily menu at night have higher BMI (body mass indices) than those who mainly eat during the day. This is what a 2007 study published by the International Journal of Obesity revealed. But isn’t it the total calorie intake that makes the difference?

Top Foods to Eat in January

Everything is good in its season. Winter is the season of dense, starchy, rooty or bitter vegetables, most of which belong to the cruciferous family. But man does not live by kale alone, and we feel the need to help you discover the abundance of seasonal produce that will add delicious variety to your winter menu. Let’s start, then!

5 Health-Boosting Indian Spices

Indian cuisine has long been associated with spices. They’re colorful, flavorful, tasty and – surprisingly enough – very good for our health. They can be used for both sweet and savory meals and will make your heart and stomach crave for more. Look through the list of Indian spices and recipes and remember that including them into your diet is an effective and natural way to improve your health!

Soul Food Recipes for MLK’s Birthday 2016

Every year on the third Monday in January people in the USA celebrate National Martin Luther King’s Day. One of the most important social rights activists in the history of the humanity was born on January 15, 1929.

Easy Recipes to Start New Year with No Fuss

New Year is almost always a new beginning. Let it start with no fuss and be flavorful like our new healthy recipes! They are just the thing you need after a week of holiday food indulgence: the cooking is quick and easy, the tastes are unfamiliar, plus the cleanup is very simple – most of easy New Year recipes are one-pan dishes!

4 Restaurant Style New Year Appetizers and a Lucky Bread

Unlike Christmas dinner, New Year party does not have to be built around a major traditional dish. The word ‘new’ itself encourages us to experiment with the menu. Here are 4 appetizer recipes that will ensure no-fail experimenting  and a recipe for a lucky bread with a silver coin baked inside – looking for it will add even more fun to your New Year party!

5 Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Recipes

We look forward to Christmas every year. It is a time to reunite with the ones you have missed throughout the year, to have good cheer and to experiment in the kitchen! However, hardly anyone would like to experiment with breakfast after a night of celebration. This is why you need to consider the idea of make-ahead Christmas breakfasts – you are already fussing about your kitchen, what harm can one more dish do? Prepare one of these Christmas breakfasts the day before to cook and enjoy it in under 45 minutes in the morning!

Christmas Cooking Dinner Tips

We all know how stressful dinner preparations can be: the guests are about to arrive, and you are still rushing about the kitchen with your cheeks glowing red to the envy of Santa himself. But you needn’t go through all this – just cook some of the Christmas recipes ahead of time!

Yummy Christmas Gifts You Can Cook This Week

We still believe that the best gift is a handmade one, while an EDIBLE handmade gift is probably even better! Get pretty jars and containers and pack up a few Christmas presents you have made in your kitchen using our new food gift recipes!

5 Ways of Making your Winter Salad a Wholesome Dinner

Surprisingly enough, winter is the time for salads. Not the fresh spring or crunchy juicy summer salads, though, but more substantial, colorful and comforting ones. Try 5 new truly winter salads - they use seasonal ingredients only! And if you allow each recipe to bring along a ‘plus one’, the salad will magically turn into a full meal!

5 Shots and Cocktails for a Warm and Merry Christmas

It feels great to cozy up in an armchair with a mug of something warm around Christmas time. But how about a kinkier drink? These shots and cocktails will help you relax after gift shopping and keep your guests merry at the Christmas party!  

Christmas Bread Recipes from All Over the World

Sometimes we just need to bake a loaf of bread. To feel the softness of dough while kneading it with our hands, to wonder at how it rises and to hear the small puffs while punching it before placing into the pan. Here are a couple of Christmas bread recipes from different parts of the world you might want to try in the run up for the most wonderful time of the year!

Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes

Bet you are willing to fill your home with the wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies already! No need to wait any longer! Choose any of the five classic Christmas cookie recipes and get ready to treat Santa to the best midnight snack!

6 Recipes to Transform Leftovers into High Cuisine

It’s not a proper Thanksgiving without a ton of leftovers, right? But it’s not fair to treat these delicious foods as just leftovers either! Work your culinary magic to convert them into beautiful soups, salads, pies, and casseroles using our new recipes!

Last Minute Tips for Thanksgiving Cooking Slips

You have a perfect Thanksgiving menu and every ingredient ready for the big day. What can possibly go wrong? Turns out, lots of things: from yucky lumps in your gravy to a crack in the very center of your pumpkin pie! Stop the panic right now! Follow these quick and easy tips on how to save your dinner and nip the Thanksgiving disaster in the bud!

Classic Sides for a Special Thanksgiving Meal

Turkey may be the Thanksgiving table centerpiece, but it’s the sides that make the meal truly special! We offer you fun new takes on 5 favorite holiday staples – classics are always the best! Cook and see for yourself!

5 Low-Calorie Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

Planning for a Thanksgiving dinner menu can be rather tiresome; however, dieting after the holidays is a very tiresome task, too! Therefore, we have prepared a list of most fantastic low-calorie recipes for you. Take a look at our most sensational salads!

5 Oven Space Savers: Cook and Freeze till Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving, the oven space will be at a premium. But there are so many great recipes you might want to try, and most of them need to be cooked in the oven… Well, you needn’t put all of them off till day X! There are dishes which can be cooked - or almost cooked - days in advance – they freeze nicely and taste even better when reheated!

5 Simple Things to Prepare Weeks Ahead of Thanksgiving

Big holidays always make us push the limits and put our organization, let alone cooking, skills to a stress test. And Thanksgiving is probably the most overwhelming of all. This is why it is reasonable to start getting ready very early, while the day is still more than two weeks ahead. Read on to find out what you can do even now!

Energizing Caffeinated Desserts for Sleep-inducing Weather  

In November, it can be pretty hard to mobilize enough strength to even open your eyes in the morning, let alone make it through the day. Coffee helps, but no one can drink that much liquid. If you are already considering eating it straight from the bag with a spoon, stop right now! We have a better idea – cook one of these coffee-infused desserts and replenish your strength in a much more enjoyable way!

November Comfort Foods from Each Region of the US

The weather outside calls for something warm, smooth and cheesy or breadcrumb-coated on your dinner plate. So why not tour through the US and get the best comfort food recipe from each region? Get a list of your dinner ideas for the first week of November here!  

6 Great Desserts Cooked with Leftover Candy

Wise cooks plan their menus ahead of time, so let’s flash forward to the moment when you start sorting through your kids’ Halloween candy loot. You are sure to get nauseated by the very sight of candy at some point, so why not use the leftover treats in more sophisticated dessert recipes? Bake candy bar brownies; fold in chopped chocolate wafers into cake batter, or pop a batch of chocolate-covered popcorn!

8 Easy Tricks for Spooky Treats

You sure need more Halloween recipes and ideas, because the creepy holiday is just around the corner! Learn more tricks of making your own stylized spooky treats quick and easy!

Jiggly Shots for the Chilling Night

Though Halloween has long become a kid-friendly holiday, grown-ups still love it for the chance to act like kids and enjoy some adult fun! And these jiggly-wiggly jello and pudding shot recipes will certainly take the fun of any Halloween party to the max!

5 Scary Good Halloween Recipes

Are you working on your Halloween costume yet? And what about your holiday dinner dress-up? Remember: no spooky party is good enough without proper decorations and food styling! Use these 5 recipes to fill your piggy bank of Halloween ideas and make a themed treat everyone will rave about!

5 Healthy and Filling Meatloaf Recipes

Meatloaf is the king of comfort foods, an all-time favorite of millions. Easy, quick and wickedly good, it can be mixed and frozen in advance or enjoyed as next-day meal, which makes meatloaf extremely time- and budget-friendly. Why don’t we cook it too often? The answer is simple: it’s too filling. But the times of heavy meatloaf recipes are over: choose any of the following option and enjoy a leaner, healthier version of the dish!

5 Savory Recipes that Prove Pumpkin Doesn’t Need a Sugar Coat

Here’s another collection of recipes we created to prove that pumpkin needn’t be sweetened up to be tasty. Try any – their deep, earthy taste combined with the sunny color of squash and pumpkin are perfect for chilly October weather!

5 One-Pan Vegan Bakes for Cozy Dinners

Not every recipe that reads tasty turns out to use a single pan and yield a wholesome meal. But with the weather all cool and depressing, we hardly want to fuss around with a dozen pots and pans, save to go into the trouble of washing them later. This is why we gathered 5 great one-pan dinner recipes for you to try. Another good thing about them is that they are very budget-friendly, since they’re all meatless. Ready to cook a delicious dinner? Then you can already turn on your oven and let it preheat while you are looking through the list of one-pan vegetarian recipes!

Roast Integrity: 5 Finger Licking Good Whole Chicken Recipes

A well-roasted chicken can make any dinner special, be it an after-work weekday occasion or a festivity. But the best thing about it is that whole roast chicken recipes are usually fairly simple. The cooking itself may take a while, but we are mostly interested in hands-on time, aren’t we? So, you can choose any of these whole roast chicken recipes and be sure that you’ll get a dinner your eaters will rave about with no fuss at all!

5 Non-pie Pumpkin Desserts to Try this Fall

It would be a lie to say that pumpkin pie is not the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear ‘fall dessert’. But there are so many more sweet pumpkin-based treats you can cook this fall! Let’s make the transition smooth, though: start with one of these 5 new non-pie pumpkin recipes and see where this cooking norm violation will take you!

Slow Cooker for Cuddly Fall: 6 Easy Comfort Food Recipes

Fall season is busy and lazy at the same time: there is so much to do and so little determination to put it through. Let’s be honest: all we actually want to do in autumn is cuddle up under a warm blanket or take long walks along foliage-covered streets, weather permitting. How about switching from your cooker and oven to your slow cooker for a little while? You will do the prepping in about 10 minutes and have the rest of the day to yourself. Moreover, when the meal is finished, you won’t have to wash any extra pans either!

Superhero Recipes for National Comic Book Day

This Sunday all fans of comic books and superhero movie are celebrating a lesser-known, yet nonetheless amazing holiday called National Comic Book Day. Most supers have always been picky about food, and now the time has come to find out why. Here is the list of superheroes’ favorite foods with recipes (in case you want to feel like one yourself):

Crunchy Tips: Best Nacho Recipes

You can’t spoil nachos, can you? Just sprinkle tortilla chips with cheese and broil until it melts – a perfect result guaranteed! However, sometimes you feel daring enough to go beyond the simple basics, so you let your creativity loose and add anything you feel will match the salty chips. Unfortunately, not all of such impromptu combinations will be winning. Here are a few tips on how to cook a fool-proof nacho appetizer to munch on passionately during the next football match, when the adrenaline runs really high!

Dinner Tree: Tips for Caring Neighbors

Making friends with neighbors is a natural thing. You join for cookout parties, neighborhood watches, and other active and positive events. But what about the times of trouble, illnesses, or, which is sometimes even worse, house renovation? Are you generous and caring enough to provide for neighbors in need? Get a few tips on how you can coordinate with other neighbors and create an effective and healthy dinner tree!

Almost All Football Season Recipes

A new long-awaited football season has just started, and fans are ready to gather in front of TV screens watching the favorite teams showing their paces. Are you nervous? Need to eat your feelings? We’ve prepared for you a special list of easy-to-cook yummy meals to satisfy our hunger quickly, so be sure – once you try them you’ll never have to search for any other football party recipes!

10 Great Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas

What do you picture when hearing the word ‘lunchbox’? That’s right, a sandwich domineering the bigger department and some cut up fruit clustered by its side. It’s time to toss the stereotype and think of something new and yummy, something that won’t make you bother with cutting the crusts. Get a selection of creative lunchbox food combinations your child will eagerly take to school and never trade! Moreover, you will actually want to pack some of them up for your own lunch at work!

What’s in Season: 5 September Cooking Ideas

Fall is just around the corner, rustling its colored leaves and delighting the eye with a rich harvest. In a little while, it will bring steady rains, cold mists and depressing moods, too, but it is merciful enough to let us transition from season to season seamlessly by starting with September. This month is perfect for cooking: it’s not too cold to indulge in ice cream treats yet, but not too hot either, so you can feel free to use your oven without the danger of getting a heat stroke. Here’s a short list of dishes you should by all means try in September, while the weather sets the mood and farmers provide a rich inventory for experimenting!

8 Superfoods for Glowing Skin

What would you like to see when you look in the mirror? No doubt, the answer would be 'smooth and radiant skin with no wrinkles, pimples, or other defects'. To achieve the desired result, you can buy expensive serums and cleansers, or to resort to plastic surgery and beauty experts, but the surest way of making your reflection meet your expectations is to stick to a healthy diet and improve our skin condition naturally and easily. We’ve selected the best foods that fight skin imperfections successfully and make your skin spotless, baby-soft, and gorgeous!

Olympic Gastronomy: Top Brazilian Foods and Recipes

While the 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing, we feel obliged to introduce you to the most special, surprising and delicious examples of Brazilian gastronomy. Those lucky ones who got to visit the event are now enjoying the great variety of exotic foods! But as many sports fans are following the developments of the Olympics from home, we decided to prepare a review of the top foods one must try in Brazil and supplement it with recipes of five easy-to-cook dishes from Brazilian cuisine!

Anti-PMS Diet Ideas

Our lives are so busy that we simply can’t afford feeling weak or vulnerable. And when it comes to women, the task is twice as challenging, since most of them have to suffer through irritability, cravings, and fatigue while keeping a straight face at work and sparing their family members the temper tantrums. Fortunately, doctors found out that a woman’s life can be seamless, void of period-related emotional eclipses! The only thing we should do to ward off PMS is to adapt a special, anti-inflammatory diet.

5 Meals to Make Your Kids Smarter

Our children grow rapidly, move rapidly, and change rapidly. We see them becoming older every day, and as careful and attentive parents we should do our best to support them with our love and protection. Habituating your children to healthy food you ensure their prosperous future and positive eating habits, and help them develop their mind. Try to cook these easy and fresh meals that will help you bring up a true child prodigy!

5 Yummy Chicken Breast Recipes for Your Delicious Dinner

If you don’t know how to surprise your family members and avoid spending your day slaving over a hot stove then chicken breasts recipes will surely be the best ones to choose. Grilled or baked, boiled or braised, with fettuccine or with risotto – it will never leave you disappointed and will become the central dish of any dinner party!

The Best Treat for Hot Summer – 5 Infallible Cheesecake Recipes

What dish do you think of when you’re imagining a perfect dessert? We believe that for many of you cheesecake is the right and only answer. Cold and tasty, classic or sour, with berries or with chocolate – you will enjoy it anyway, because it’s impossible to pass by our magnificent cheesecake recipes that will definitely suit any taste!

Get Well without Medications – 5 Meals to Get Rid of a Headache

Today chronic headaches spoil lives of millions of people around the world, becoming one of the most wide-spread health problems an average person suffers from.  But in many cases it's impossible to lie in the dark for several hours or take a medicine, which is, in its turn, not the most natural method of conquering migraines. A much better way to feel better is to cook a tasty dish that will both cheer you up and relieve the pain. Try these awesome natural painkillers that are able to stop and prevent any kind of headache!

Adaptable Recipes for Picky Kids and Mature Eaters

There are dishes that are favored by kids only. There are also ones that kids will never touch until they grow mature enough and educate their palate. But what should you do until then? Cook two separate meals for a single dinner? Or settle for a simplified dish you stopped enjoying at least decades ago? Nope, you needn’t do either any longer! Get recipe ideas that can be tailored to please both from our latest article!

Comfort Casseroles for Stressful Day's Nights

Let’s face the truth: anything that is cooked in the oven and topped with deliciously melted cheese is not only a perfect evening comfort food, but one step short of a culinary masterpiece. 

Healthy and Indulging: New Chicken Recipes

Chicken is not only one of the most affordable, yet healthy sources of protein; the smell of crispy roasted chicken is more than satisfying – it is heavenly! Besides being delicious on its own, chicken readily soaks flavors of spices, marinades and sauces, thus adding incredible variety to your diet without actually changing much in it!


15 Amateur Cooks Who Nailed It!

If there is a trick that online cooks relied on to make their dishes THAT appetizing, they certainly forgot to share it with their readers! Or maybe their oven is at fault? Or is retrograde Mercury to blame? But not the amateur cooks, no. They definitely NAILED IT!

Why Would Anyone Eat That?

Despite the obvious resemblance to freshly cooked rice, the product on the plate is not a burrito ingredient. What is the mystery food, then?

Sweet Gluten-Free Treats

Eliminating gluten from your diet may be a conscious choice or a medical requirement. In either case, the disappearance of oh-so-familiar baked goods from your menu is a thing you can’t easily get used to. Dessert being the most flour-dependent dish of all, but don’t you lose spirit! You can have meals completed with a delightful gluten-free dessert as often as you want to with our small, yet alluring collection of gluten-free dessert recipes.

Virgin Diet for Beginners: 7 Foods to Avoid

Created by J.J. Virgin, this smart eating plan is aimed at losing weight in a fast, yet safe way, which consists in avoiding certain products and going heavy on anti-inflammatory organic foods like fruit, vegetables, meat and nuts. You start off by excluding foods that can cause a negative reaction from your body and then proceed into the second by gradually adding debatable foods and observing the way your body reacts to them. But before you limit your food choices to enter the first phase, consult with your doctor: you don’t want any risks or undesirable outcomes!

American Culinary Legacy: 10 Foods Invented in the US

Some say the US has no cuisine at all. But its total blasphemy! Within their succinct history, the American people managed to invent some of the boldest, weirdest and the most creative dishes known to man! And we are proud of them, despite the fact that most US recipes can be characterized as greasy, cheesy or deep-fried, because they are also comforting, filling and delightful to the very last bite!

All-Purpose Breakfast Superstars

Everyone knows that breakfast is the meal they have to eat themselves, as it is the fuel that can support you almost all day long. However, not any food you eat for breakfast is equally nutritious and beneficial. To know what to choose, look through the list of all-purpose breakfast ingredients we gathered for you! The best thing about these superfoods is that you can wed them with almost any recipe, so your thoughtfully developed breakfast menu will stay intact!

5 Foreign Superfoods to Include into the US Diet

It is well-known that some peoples live longer and healthier lives than others, and that one of the key longevity and heath factors is nutrition. Would you like to add variety to your daily meals and reap a harvest of health benefits as you do? Then hurry up to discover 5 foreign superfoods that will easily fit into the traditional US diet!

Top 10 foods to try in Mexico

Summer is just round the corner, and it’s high time you considered your holiday destination or worked out a detailed traveling plan to make the most of this short opportunity to see the world with your own eyes and feel it with the other 4 senses.

5 Superfoods for Your Pineal Gland

Nobody can be healthy if they are not getting proper sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or just find it difficult to fall asleep at night, you might be experiencing the effects of pineal gland problems. Despite its small size and funny pinecone shape, this endocrine organ is often referred to as the ‘third eye.’ It regulates the production of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for the rhythm of your sleep and vigil. With time, your pineal gland gets calcified and loses its ability to keep your natural rhythms steady; there is no way to avoid the condition altogether, but if you want to slow the process down, stop eating junk food. You can also improve your diet by adding a few of the foods listed below and your pineal gland will return the favor by endowing you with a good, refreshing and revitalizing night’s rest!

Nutrition Warning: Foods that Should be Strictly Forbidden

While long supermarket shelves might lure you with lots of time-saving and ready-to-serve products, you should not yield to the temptation to cram cans, boxes and packages of heavily processed foods into your shopping cart.

8 Magnesium-Rich Foods You Should Definitely Put on Your Diet

If you are still unaware of the huge role that magnesium plays in every person’s life and well-being, then our article will be your timely source of healthy information. Magnesium helps to boost your immune system and heart health, considerably decreasing the risk of having a heart attack, reduce or prevent inflammation caused by certain types of cancer; it is important for almost any function of your body and every tissue constituting it. If you consume enough magnesium on a daily basis, you lower the risk of developing diabetes by one-third and ensure that you never learn what depression or migraine is.

Cake Glacage (Mirror Glaze)

You may not be a dessert person, but this cake coating is more of a work of art to feast your eyes on from initial glassy fluidity all the way to sweet swirly spirals!

Introduction to a Keto Diet Plan

Are you acquainted with the notion of a ketogenic diet? It is an eating plan aimed at improving a person’s well-being through the change in his/her metabolism prompted by the replacement of carbohydrate based body fuels with fats. The products of fat metabolism are called ketones, hence the name of the diet plan. The process that constitutes the basis of fat metabolism – ketogenesis – shifts your body into a state known as ketosis.

5 Tips on Cooking a Healthy and Savory Burger

Who would deny themselves the pleasure of sinking their teeth in a juicy hot burger? However, not every burger is worth sinking your teeth into! Fast food options are often unhealthy, and healthy variations are often not as enjoyable as you want your hamburger to be. Today we’d like to address the issue of how you can cook a fool-proof hamburger both foodies and weight watchers can enjoy! Read on to learn a few handy tips and secret ingredients to work out your own perfect combination of cooking method, serving size, bun, and topping that will do you no harm associated with calorie-, cholesterol- and sodium-loaded fast food treats!

Superfoods That Help to Ward Off Age-Related Diseases

This article presents the last, but most certainly not least part of the list of foods that should be put on the menu of every person nearing 45 years of age. You can find the first part here: 8 Superfoods That Help To Cheat Your Age. If you’ve read the first part, here’s something new for you:

8 Superfoods That Help To Cheat Your Age

Age should not scare you anymore! Remember Jared Leto, Matt Damon, Carla Gugino or, say, Idina Menzel? All of them are about to turn 45, but who will have the heart to tell they look their age?

5 Excellent Slow Cooker Recipes For a Busy Week

When your fruitful, yet very exhausting day at work is over, you wish you didn’t have to make another effort and cook a dinner. We have a solution that is a little short of a miracle! Check your cupboards: someone must have given you a slow cooker for one of your birthdays. If you still have it boxed up, well, the time has come! Unpack it immediately and let it be your life saver for many years to come!

5 Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

We bet you don’t want to make your long work day any longer by cooking a complicated dinner in the evening.

8 Foods a Weight Watcher Must Have In the Kitchen

Sometimes you open the fridge and admire the perfectly clean, but empty shelves. It gives you an idea of eating out, but how much bigger a portion at a restaurant can be than the one you actually need? Stop dreading the time when you have to think “There is nothing to eat”! Stock up your fridge and cupboards with the ultimate combination of healthy foods used in the most popular weight watchers recipes!

Detox meal ideas: best healthy foods for detox

Christmas is the top holiday of all in every aspect possible, and food is no exception. You tried every dish on the table; in fact, you just had to, and now you are feeling all nauseous, puffy and guilty and probably pondering over skipping every meal for the next three days. This is not a good idea, since you eating schedule is essential to your health. Try to slightly change the meals you eat instead.

Delicious Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are classic Christmas decorations, so festive and pretty! They come - or can be hand made - in different colors and styles. Today we decided to offer a few edible wreath ideas for your Christmas dinner: a bright, a gourmet and a sweet one.

4 Foods You Need Stay Warm & Healthy this Winter

As artic air causes temperatures to drop across the U.S., you'll need more than just a coat to keep warm this winter. The best way to generate more body heat, naturally, is by increasing metabolism, but you need to eat the right foods.

5 Foods That Will Keep You Healthy Through Winter

Winter is the most troublesome season of all – it is so easy to catch a cold when you don’t get enough vitamins from the few foods that are available for cooking. But there is still a solid chance to stay healthy – just put these 5 products on your winter menu; they can either be eaten fresh or incl

Thanksgiving - Origins, History, Traditions

The fourth Thursday in November is a special day for all Americans. Family reunions, delicious elaborate festive dinners, warmth and happiness – all of these are essential parts of Thanksgiving.

6 Foods For A Great Night's Sleep

You probably already know the importance of getting 8 hours a sleep, every night. But did you know that certain foods can make it even easier?

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