15 Amateur Cooks Who Nailed It!

If there is a trick that online chefs relied on to make their dishes THAT appetizing, they certainly forgot to share it with their readers! Were their ovens at fault? Or is retrograde Mercury to blame? But not the amateur cooks, no. They definitely NAILED IT!

Hey chick, where was your sunscreen?

Baked chicken gone wrong

Fresh bread, anyone?

Homemade bread fail

Sometimes king size is not a good idea...

Cheeseburger pie misfortune

This pie is not in black and white

Burnt cherry pie

PANcakes, not PAINcakes

Chocolate pancakes cooking fail

Did they put the lime in the coconut cookies?

Coconut cookie badly done

Why make it plain when you can make THIS?

Unfortunate sunny side up eggs

They said nothing about NOT melting in the oven, right?

M & Ms cookies expectations vs/ reality

Instant oatmeal karma

Instant oatmeal gone wrong

This egg was supposed to be heart-SHAPED, not heartBROKEN

Egg sandwich failure

I just wanted to warm it up...

Pepperoni pizza burnt to charcoals

I like my eggs poached, not pulverized

poached eggs failure

And it also smelled like apple pie...

potato pickle bake misfortune

What is that CHEESE called again?

pumpkin soup made at home is not attractive

The silence of the lambs: unpublished

marshmallow sheep cooking fail

Cook with recipes found on TastyCookery to make sure you do not become the 16th cook on this list!




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