4 Restaurant Style New Year Appetizers and a Lucky Bread

Unlike Christmas dinner, New Year party does not have to be built around a major traditional dish. The word ‘new’ itself encourages us to experiment with the menu. Here are 4 appetizer recipes that will ensure no-fail experimenting  and a recipe for a lucky bread with a silver coin baked inside – looking for it will add even more fun to your New Year party!



Baked Crab Tartlets


This recipe is a good one for a holiday get-together – the fuss is brought to a minimum, and the outcome is a perfect combination of looks and taste. Besides, you can cook these Baked Crab Tartlets in advance – they freeze and reheat wonderfully!


Assorted Pickles


You can certainly adjust the amount of the ingredients to the number of guests at your New Year party, but why would you do that if you can cook a lot of Assorted Pickles, can them and give the cans away as yummy homemade gifts?


Date Bites with Bacon and Blue Cheese


Wrapped in crispy baked bacon, these Date Bites are a delicious and easy New Year party starter. They look great, plus they are not served piping hot or refrigerated, so you can free the oven and fridge space by cooking them a few hours ahead and keeping at room temperature.


Restaurant Style Stuffed Mushrooms


Mushrooms are perfect for bite-size appetizers – they look pretty plus you needn’t go into the trouble of carving a neat space inside. Just be careful when removing the stem and you’ll get chic-looking Restaurant Style Stuffed Mushrooms!



Lucky New Year Bread


Baking a bread with a silver coin in it is a New Year tradition that comes from Greece. The one who receives a slice of the Lucky New Year Bread with the coin will be especially blessed in the year to come.


Happy New Year party experimenting! May your dinner be a chic and tasty one!

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