5 Health-Boosting Indian Spices

Indian cuisine has long been associated with spices. They’re colorful, flavorful, tasty and – surprisingly enough – very good for our health. They can be used for both sweet and savory meals and will make your heart and stomach crave for more. Look through the list of Indian spices and recipes and remember that including them into your diet is an effective and natural way to improve your health!



This bright spice delights your eye and adds orange color to your food but its benefits don’t end here. This spice belongs to the ginger family and is extracted from the root of curcuma longa. Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda for many centuries and today the National Institute of Health has proved that it can help to treat many diseases and health problems from arthritis and heartburn to stomach floating and loss of appetite. This Spicy Punjabi Chicken recipe is cooked with turmeric and therefore proves to be both tasty and healthful!


Black Pepper


Despite the fact that black pepper is not typically associated with Indian cuisine these little peppercorns have their roots in this country. Today black pepper is sold in almost every corner of the world and is frequently paired with salt. This spice is good for digestion and congestion and if applied on a cut topically can even stop the bleeding. Try this Slow Cooker Dal recipe as one of the brightest examples of Indian cuisine – and remember to add a pinch of black pepper!




These green pods are often used in Indian cooking, but to get the best out of this spice you have to break the outer shelf and use the tiny seeds inside. They will help prevent many digestive problems like bloating, gas or heartburn and are even able to treat bad breath! Certain cancer-fighting effects have also been found by scientists in cardamom, but some more research is still needed. Dal Makhani recipe will kill two birds with one stone – tasty and nutritious, it proves to be very healthy, too!




It reminds of a tiny flower and is widely spread not only in India but in Africa and the Middle East, too. It’s used in cosmetics and can be found in perfumes, soaps and even toothpastes. Clove oil can treat pain when applied topically and fights stomach problems like nausea or upset stomach very effectively. This Rogan Josh recipe is the very thing you need if you want to prepare something truly spicy and authentically Indian!



Cinnamon originates from Sri Lanka and today is used to help people with type 2 diabetes as, according to a theory, it increases insulin action. This Raita Sauce recipe is created for those who care about what they eat and want to enjoy something truly delicious!


It’s getting colder every day and to warm yourself up and to treat yourself to something very special try these delectable and healthful recipes of Indian cuisine!

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