5 Low-Calorie Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

Planning for a Thanksgiving dinner menu can be rather tiresome; however, dieting after the holidays is a very tiresome task, too! Therefore, we have prepared a list of most fantastic low-calorie recipes for you. Take a look at our most sensational salads!



Brussels Hazelnut Salad


Red cranberries combined with green Brussels sprouts are bound to whet your appetite! This Brussels Hazelnut Salad is a fantastic combination of bright colors and flavors!


Spinach Pomegranate Salad


Try an unusual idea – combine pomegranate seeds with feta cheese! This Spinach Pomegranate Salad is very quick to make.


Cranberry Waldorf Salad


This salad is especially great for Thanksgiving. The sensational combination of cranberries, raisins, and celery will stun your guests! Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the delicate taste of this Cranberry Waldorf Salad!


Broccoli Bacon Salad


Try to cook this Broccoli Bacon Salad – it will amaze you with its sweet-sour taste! You won’t be able to get enough of bacon-flavored sunflower seeds!



Pear Roquefort Salad


This recipe is really great for a Thanksgiving dinner! This Pear Roquefort Salad is bound to enchant you with its rich and smooth taste.


Cook one of these Thanksgiving salad recipes or try them all – they won’t leave anyone indifferent!

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