5 Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Recipes

We look forward to Christmas every year. It is a time to reunite with the ones you have missed throughout the year, to have good cheer and to experiment in the kitchen! However, hardly anyone would like to experiment with breakfast after a night of celebration. This is why you need to consider the idea of make-ahead Christmas breakfasts – you are already fussing about your kitchen, what harm can one more dish do? Prepare one of these Christmas breakfasts the day before to cook and enjoy it in under 45 minutes in the morning!



Healthy Pumpkin Waffles

These waffles are cooked with whole wheat flour and wheat germ, which makes them super healthy! Bake crispy Pumpkin Waffles to wake your family up with a wonderful smell on the magical morning! P.S. Serve with butter, honey and maple syrup.


Eggnog Pain Perdu


Nothing fancy, just the French toast called by its original name. However, it uses the eggnog you sure have from the night before, which adds a little more festivity to the breakfast of Eggnog Pain Perdu! The trick is in refrigerating the soaked bread slices overnight - it amplifies the flavor fivefold!


Cinnamon Buns

These sweet ones are very similar to famous Cinnabon, only way cheaper, since they are cooked at home, with the help of a bread machine. Make all the preparations the night before and bake the Cinnamon Buns in the morning to fill your house with the aroma of cinnamon!  


Baked Sausage Balls


These three-ingredient Baked Sausage Balls are just the thing you need for a substantial Christmas breakfast. Mix, bake and serve your new Christmas breakfast tradition!



Grand Eggs Benedict

This is a huge breakfast, filling and festive-feeling!  Grand Eggs Benedict are also good for brunches or hungry sleepover party guests. Very easy, very satisfying, yum!


Let this Christmas season give the best it has to offer to you and your family! Celebrate the time of togetherness with cheerful minds and chewing mouths! Happy Christmas breakfast experiments! And Merry Christmas!


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