5 Meals to Make Your Kids Smarter

Our children grow rapidly, move rapidly, and change rapidly. We see them becoming older every day, and as careful and attentive parents we should do our best to support them with our love and protection. Habituating your children to healthy food you ensure their prosperous future and positive eating habits, and help them develop their mind. Try to cook these easy and fresh meals that will help you bring up a true child prodigy!

Instant Snack Pizzas

Eggs are essential for a growing organism, as they are a rich source of protein and nutrients that help kids concentrate. How to prepare a tasty and healthy egg-based meal for your child? Try scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, or this delicious Instant Snack Pizzas recipe, and see that they will be eaten in several minutes!


Berry Smoothie

A sharp brain demands fat and protein, and a child’s brain particularly needs them. Unlike many other not so healthy products, full fat Greek yogurt is rich in protein, and helps brain carry out its work better by keeping brain cells in good condition. Add it to your kids’ cereals, mix it with chocolate to prepare chocolate chips, or make this yummy Berry Smoothie recipe! As it contains lots of berries and is incredibly appetizing your children won’t need to be asked twice to try it!


Pasta Marinara with Veggies

There are two well-known truths – one is that greens are essential for our body, and the other one is that there is no harder task for a parent than to make a child eat at least a bit of them. Although spinach, kale, and broccoli contain a lot of antioxidants and help cut the likelihood of dementia, it’s still a big challenge to make your kids eat them. Try this delectable and easy to make Pasta Marinara with Veggies recipe, and you’ll never face the problem of feeding your children with healthy veggies again!


Pasta with Tuna Mornay

Fish is known as one the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D that help us keep our memory and mind sharp. As sardines, salmon, and tuna are especially rich in omega-3s you can grill them and serve with some sauce for your child to dip it in. Or you can try this delicious, flavory, and healthy Pasta with Tuna Mornay recipe serving it with green salad for a better taste!

Healthy Snack Bars

How to prepare sweets that will be both tasty and good for a child’s brain? Of course add more fruit to them turning sweets into truly organic food!  Fruit can help prevent decline in mental abilities, so this Healthy Snack Bars recipe will kill three birds with one stone – dried plums will support your kids’ health, a bit of sugar will make the bars always wished-for by children, and the size of these sweets will suit any lunchbox!


Try these tasty kid-pleasing meals recipes, and be sure that your child will enjoy these irresestable foods!

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