5 One-Pan Vegan Bakes for Cozy Dinners

Not every recipe that reads tasty turns out to use a single pan and yield a wholesome meal. But with the weather all cool and depressing, we hardly want to fuss around with a dozen pots and pans, save to go into the trouble of washing them later. This is why we gathered 5 great one-pan dinner recipes for you to try. Another good thing about them is that they are very budget-friendly, since they’re all meatless. Ready to cook a delicious dinner? Then you can already turn on your oven and let it preheat while you are looking through the list of one-pan vegetarian recipes!

Butternut Squash Mac’N’Cheese


Now is the perfect time to take a freshly picked butternut squash and cook this supercreamy pasta casserole. And if the mental image of the stringy cheese sauce in this Butternut Squash Mac’N’Cheese recipe has not yet made your mouth water, maybe the realization of how healthy this non-box non-powder bake is will!


Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza


It’s a bit unusual to call pizza a one-pan dish, but it actually is a one-deep-pan delicious dish! The Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza recipe is easily adaptable, so feel free to set your creativity ablaze and use any seasonal veggies and your cheese of choice!


Warm Salad with Roast Broccoli and Tofu


This is a much more fun combination of proteins and healthy fiber than chicken and greens. However, one can say that one needs two pans to cook the Warm Salad with Roast Broccoli and Tofu recipe. Okay, it’s true, but it is only a matter of room – you want your tofu crispy and your green florets roasted, not soggy and boiled. Make sure that you read the recipe up to the end before you start with the roasting, because tofu needs a little help to get rid of all that liquid and replace it with savory marinade. Oh, and don’t forget to cook the Soy Glaze with Fresh Orange Juice while you are waiting for the ingredients to roast – it is the cherry on top of your vegan dinner bowl!


Eggs with Spinach and Artichoke Hearts Baked in Spicy Sauce


The idea of baked eggs for breakfast sounds good, but the idea of breakfast for dinner sounds even better! Just layer all the ingredients of this Eggs with Spinach and Artichoke Hearts Baked in Spicy Sauce recipe into an oven-proof skillet, top them with sunny eggs and bake until the desired yolk doneness. Serve with fresh toast to be dunked and enjoyed in mouthfuls!

Vegan Burritos with Baked Beans and Avocado


This Vegan Burritos with Baked Beans and Avocado recipe sounds a tad too filling, but it actually is a treasure – just the right meal to savor after walking home in the drizzling rain without a hood or an umbrella. Saucy and cheesy, it’s very satisfying, not overwhelming.


Fall is best when enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Cook any of the above on-pan vegan recipes and complete your day with a really cozy dinner!


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