5 Reasons to Love Cheese

Cheese… Are you already imagining it in melted strings or feather-light shreds sitting on top of your pasta bowl? Whichever your cheesy fantasy is, we’re almost sure there is one. On average, an American consumes 23 pounds of cheese annually, and there are 5 good reasons for that! Let’s find out why everyone loves cheese so much!

Cheese can be included in almost any meal

The number of recipes featuring cheese is innumerable!

Add shredded cheese to your morning omelet, crumble blue cheese over your salad for lunch, or cook this Burger Macaroni Casserole recipe for dinner. Cheese can’t spoil any dish cooked any time of the day, it will only make it more savory!

Cheese is more than 10,000 years old

Cheese is older than some civilizations!

Although the origin of cheese is rather unclear, historians know that the first cheesemakers appeared more than 10 thousands years ago. In Ancient Greek mythology, it was stated that gods created the first cheese, while Ancient Romans are believed to have found out how to optimize the process of cheesemaking. And after so many years we are all still in love with cheese and so thankful to its creators!

Cheese can be cooked at home

Add cut up olives to homemade cheese for an additional homely touch

Today you can buy special DIY cheesemaking kits and cook your own mozzarella, ricotta, or goat cheese – isn’t it wonderful?

Cheese will help you feed surprise visitors

Cheesy pizza rolls can be thrown together in minutes

When your fridge is not heaped with food and a couple of unexpected guests decide to call on you, crackers with cheese can save the situation easily. Moreover, melted cheese is most people's favorite, so you can opt for cheesy toasts or pizza rolls or whatever recipe that features beautiful cheesy streaks and strings.

Cheese comes in 650+ varieties for any taste and budget

Can you name at least 10 cheese varieties?

We can buy hard or soft cheeses, pungent or milder ones, in blocks or powder packets, individually sliced or shredded, or even in a whipped cream can. You can’t say you don’t like cheese before you try all innumerable types of cheese, and there will surely be one you’re going to like at first bite!

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