5 Scary Good Halloween Recipes

Are you working on your Halloween costume yet? And what about your holiday dinner dress-up? Remember: no spooky party is good enough without proper decorations and food styling! Use these 5 recipes to fill your piggy bank of Halloween ideas and make a themed treat everyone will rave about!

Pumpkin Calzone


Don’t worry: it’s not another pumpkin recipe for ‘cozy fall’. Quite on the contrary, it’s cheesy and fancy thanks to its jack-o’-lantern shape and spicy filling! Use any of your favorite pizza toppings and cook this Pumpkin Calzone recipe together with your kids before a night of trick-or-treating!


Apple Bites


Who said that Halloween treats should all be nauseatingly sweet and unhealthy? Use organic apples to assemble these adorable Apple Bites and be sure that your children will munch on something besides candy at their Halloween party at school! We are sure both kids and their moms will love this easy-to-make dessert!


Ghost Meringue


Meringue is known to be the boogieman of culinary, as many amateur cooks are terrified to work with the fanciful dessert! Put off your fears and choose to whisk and cook this Ghost Meringue recipe for Halloween – it’s much easier than it seems, and the result is scary cute and crispy delicious!


Jack-o’-Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers


What do you get when you multiply a yum recipe by a fab presentation? A fun Halloween-themed main dish! Try cooking these Jack-o’-Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers following the recipe or adapt it to your eating preferences (replace beef with black beans, use bread crumbs instead of whole wheat bread, reduce the amount of yellow mustard, adjust the spices or add loads of cheese) and you will still get a delicious festive meal!

Halloween Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes


This delectable Halloween Cupcakes recipe is enhanced by a double amount of the pumpkin spice mix and a generous portion of cream cheese frosting. Moreover, the pumpkin puree it calls for contributes to the rich color and moist factor of the final result! Feel free to adjust the amount of spices to your taste and enjoy flavorful cupcakes on Halloween and at any other time of the year!


We realize that most Halloween recipes are just upgraded versions of normal dishes, so it will be a nice idea to try all of them at your festive dinner and stash the ones you especially liked for regular use!


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