5 Shots and Cocktails for a Warm and Merry Christmas

It feels great to cozy up in an armchair with a mug of something warm around Christmas time. But how about a kinkier drink? These shots and cocktails will help you relax after gift shopping and keep your guests merry at the Christmas party!  



Dirty Snowball Shot


This fun shot looks exactly like the association its name evokes, but its taste is heaven! Liquid chocolate mint candy! You can layer it in a shot glass or shake up with some ice to get an even frostier Dirty Snowball Shot!


Sparkling Poinsettia


It has the look of a festive drink and a sophisticated tart flavor. If you want to give the cocktail a little more kick, add half an ounce of Cointreau per serving of Sparkling Poinsettia. Oh, and try to make it with frozen cranberries – the berries help to keep the drink cold.


Batter for Hot Buttered Rum


This rich, creamy batter will make your buttered rum even better! Whisk up a big batch of Batter for Hot Buttered Rum to enjoy the drink throughout the whole winter – it will keep in the freezer for up to 3 months!




The cocktail is very cool and pepperminty, just as its name suggests - perfect for relaxing after a gift shopping spree! Try shaking it up with a splash of chocolate liqueur and see if it will take your Peppermintini to a whole new level!





Glogg is a Swedish Christmas staple that has a wonderful smell and an even better taste. It is like hot sangria kicked up with bourbon and rum! Don’t try to cook it with expensive port wine, as spices will overwhelm its taste, so choose ordinary wine. Served with steeped dark raisins and slivered almonds, Swedish Glogg will be a party hit, especially among those who have never tasted it before. Or maybe, it will even become a winter-holidays must in your home!


Simmer, shake, and pour to see if these Christmas cocktails will jingle your bells! Let the most wonderful time of the year also be the merriest!

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