5 Superfoods for Your Pineal Gland

Nobody can be healthy if they are not getting proper sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or just find it difficult to fall asleep at night, you might be experiencing the effects of pineal gland problems. Despite its small size and funny pinecone shape, this endocrine organ is often referred to as the ‘third eye.’ It regulates the production of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for the rhythm of your sleep and vigil. With time, your pineal gland gets calcified and loses its ability to keep your natural rhythms steady; there is no way to avoid the condition altogether, but if you want to slow the process down, stop eating junk food. You can also improve your diet by adding a few of the foods listed below and your pineal gland will return the favor by endowing you with a good, refreshing and revitalizing night’s rest!



Chlorophyll-dense superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They help your body get rid of metal toxins that tend to accumulate in vital organs and stimulate recovery of damaged tissues. Moreover, they power up your immune system and boost your oxygen, which helps to reverse the process of calcification. Cook these unusual Apple Rings with Spirulina to treat yourself and your guests to a Hawaiian style appetizer!


Chemical element Iodine is essential to your whole body. Tap water contains fluoride, which is Iodine’s chemical cousin, so it conveniently settles in every organ and in the pineal gland in particular. But the problem is that the body doesn’t need Fluoride, so it isolates it by calcifying. Increase your daily intake of useful Iodine up to the recommended daily norm by eating spinach, seaweeds, broccoli, and fish. Chop up this easy and healthy Lettuce and Nori Salad and enjoy the benefits of Iodine in a matter of minutes!



Oregano oil possesses antibacterial properties, thus helping to support your body’s immune function. Reducing the chance of infections getting to the pineal gland reduces the chance of its calcification. There is another bonus of including oregano oil in your diet – it is a delicious detox food!

Raw apple cider vinegar gets its super sour taste from the malic acid contained in it, which, by the way, is a great metal detoxifier: it removes aluminum, helps to dissolve kidney stones, stabilize BP and glucose levels. The easiest way to consume apple cider vinegar is by making a warm drink of a glass of water, a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. However, there is a more exquisite way: fix this Savory Tomato Juice if you want to really enjoy – and not just to tolerate - the sourness of apple cider vinegar.


Beets contain boron, which helps to balance calcium intake and remove metals and fluoride. Their vitamin B content energizes your body and makes you healthy down to the cellular level. If you need an idea of how you can include lush dark red roots into your eating plan, try Baked Beets - the recipe is super simple and super enjoyable! Remember, though: if you eat all of the five superfoods on a daily basis, but keep snacking on some junk food every now and then, there will be no effect on your sleep or overall health. Stop drinking soda; cook with cilantro, lemon, garlic, and coconut oil to free your body from toxins and sleep tight!



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