5 Tips on Cooking a Healthy and Savory Burger

Who would deny themselves the pleasure of sinking their teeth in a juicy hot burger? However, not every burger is worth sinking your teeth into! Fast food options are often unhealthy, and healthy variations are often not as enjoyable as you want your hamburger to be. Today we’d like to address the issue of how you can cook a fool-proof hamburger both foodies and weight watchers can enjoy! Read on to learn a few handy tips and secret ingredients to work out your own perfect combination of cooking method, serving size, bun, and topping that will do you no harm associated with calorie-, cholesterol- and sodium-loaded fast food treats!



  • Everyone knows how good a grilled patty can be. But it also requires enough fat for the patty not to stick to your grill and land on your bun unharmed. So, how do you oil a grill without soaking it in fat? The answer is quite simple: oil a paper towel and use tongs to grip it and rub onto the grates of your grill!
  • If you eat vegan food only, but still remember how great it was to bite into a good burger, we have wonderful news for you! A burger doesn’t have to contain meat to be juicy and delectable. Cook the patty out of lentils mixed mushrooms for the additional moisture, top it with caramelized onions and creamy goat cheese and voila! – enjoy a burger that is not only delicious, but packed with fiber and other beneficial nutrients! (See Vegan Burger recipe)
  • If you cannot abstain from meat, but try to stick to a healthier eating plan, we have a solution for you, too! Try cooking this mini variation of burgers – they not only have an amazing flavor, but let you treat yourself to a seemingly bigger portion without doing any harm to your figure! (See Mini Burger recipe)
  • If you are cooking burgers for a company of eaters with diverse preferences, try using a customizable recipe! For example, quinoa bean burgers have lots of replaceable ingredients: you can substitute cilantro with parsley or use any other type of beans you like best and still get a yummy large-scale dinner for the whole party! (See Customizable Burger recipe)
  • If you try to enhance your consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, burgers can become another source of this beneficial nutrient! Buy skinned salmon from your local fishmonger and all you have to do will be to chop it up, season with matching spices, grill (remember the less-oil method described above?) and serve! The seafood variation of burger is a must for your summer outdoors BBQ menu! (See Salmon Burger recipe)



These are the few basics that will ensure you cook the healthiest, the most scrumptious, savory and enjoyable hamburgers! Try to play with the ingredients – use different variations of cheese (feta, goat, etc.), patty (chicken, lean beef, turkey, bean, etc.), and a spectrum of spice to adapt its flavor to the optimized toppings (various sprouts, slaws, and even papaya!) Add our healthy burger recipes to your home collection or cook book and enjoy the good weather by having a party out as often as you want to without having to worry about your figure or health!


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