5 Yummy Chicken Breast Recipes for Your Delicious Dinner

If you don’t know how to surprise your family members and avoid spending your day slaving over a hot stove then chicken breast recipes will surely be the best ones to choose. Grilled or baked, boiled or braised, with fettuccine or with risotto – these recipes will never leave you disappointed and will become the central dish of any dinner party!

Creamy Chicken Risotto

The secret of the wonderful taste of this Creamy Chicken Risotto recipe lies in its ingredients – the combination of flavory fontina cheese and appetizing Parmigiano-Reggiano will leave no one indifferent and will certainly become a genuine delight for the eye, the mouth, and the heart! And what can be better than the combination of mild chicken breast and melting cheese?


Oriental Chicken with Couscous

Forget about long hours of cooking, as this Oriental Chicken with Couscous recipe is all you need when you want to surprise your guests with a tasty and simple meal! Roasted chicken breasts flavored with spices will make the dish savory, while easy-to-prepare couscous will save your precious time and will be duly appreciated by all children of your family!


Balsamic Chicken with Herbs and Vegetables

One more helper for a responsible cook is this easy and time-saving Balsamic Chicken with Herbs and Vegetables recipe. Prepared in one pan and rich in flavor, this tasty and square meal can be made any day, and will definitely be recooked dozens of times!


Instant Grilled Chicken

What can be better than a piece of herb marinated grilled chicken breast? Prepare Instant Grilled Chicken recipe for your summer picnic or for a special celebration, and all your guests will be pleased to attend your party! Easy and spicy – try it and enjoy!

Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes and Basil

Your guests are about to come but you don’t know how to prepare a quick and easy dinner? Try this Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes and Basil recipe that will surely solve the problem! Simple and fresh ingredients, tomatoes and basil that make the dish especially flavory – we believe you can start cooking it right away!


There are millions of tasty and healthy recipes in the world, and these Chicken Breast Recipes can unquestionably crown them all! Don’t hesitate to try one of them today!

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