6 Great Desserts Cooked with Leftover Candy

Wise cooks plan their menus ahead of time, so let’s flash forward to the moment when you start sorting through your kids’ Halloween candy loot. You are sure to get nauseated by the very sight of candy at some point, so why not use the leftover treats in more sophisticated dessert recipes? Bake candy bar brownies; fold in chopped chocolate wafers into cake batter, or pop a batch of chocolate-covered popcorn!



Chocolate Candy Cake

This cake may even become your family recipe – this is how good it is, seriously! If you choose to cook Chocolate Candy Cake from leftover bars this year, here’s a lifehack: instead of chopping with a knife, freeze them, then hit with a hammer while still unwrapped.


Candy Bar Brownies


The recipe may sound as just brownies cooked with candy bars, but it is so much more than that! Try these Candy Bar Brownies and see for yourself how the doubled amount of chocolate enhances the taste and texture of the treat.


Chocolate Covered Popcorn


There hardly is anything easier than this Chocolate Covered Popcorn recipe, and yet, it takes the popular crunchy snack to a whole new level! Use any variety of easily meltable candy bars to create the well-balanced combination of sweet and salty!


Wafer Candy Cake


You can serve this Wafer Candy Cake on Thanksgiving to those who are tired of pumpkin pie! The recipe works extremely well with crispy-crunchy wafer candy bars you are sure to have in abundance after Halloween.  


No-Bake Butterfinger Cheesecake


Make this No-Bake Butterfinger Cheesecake in advance to serve at any party. With its rich, yet refreshing taste, the cake will certainly be a hit!



Leftover Caramel Fudge


This recipe is so cool because you needn’t even turn your cooker on to make it! Just nuke combinations of certain leftover candy in turn, spoon the melted mixtures into a greased pan on top of each other and enjoy the Leftover Caramel Fudge!


Turn tons of Halloween candy into classy desserts with the help of these recipes and enjoy the fun spirit of Halloween while your candy lasts!

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