6 Recipes to Transform Leftovers into High Cuisine

It’s not a proper Thanksgiving without a ton of leftovers, right? But it’s not fair to treat these delicious foods as just leftovers either! Work your culinary magic to convert them into beautiful soups, salads, pies, and casseroles using our new recipes!



Hearty Leftover Turkey Salad


We’re almost sure you’ll love this recipe! The trick of cooking the best Hearty Leftover Turkey Salad is keeping it chunky, which involves hand-chopping. No pulsing is allowed!


Leftover Turkey Pot Pie


To tell you the truth, you can cook this pie after any holiday feast, not only post-Thanksgiving. Use any meat in place of turkey and you’ll never guess you are eating Leftover Pot Pie and not a baked goodness made from scratch!


Southwest Turkey Soup


This soup is so easy you can cook it with your kids. Serve the Southwest Turkey Soup with homemade corn bread to make a great meal almost perfect!


Zesty Turkey Tetrazzini


You can use any bird meat for this hearty casserole cooked with pasta, cheese, vegetables and a drop of sherry for an additional zest! This Turkey Tetrazzini is definitely a hit you should try one post-Thanksgiving day!


Leftover Cranberry and Turkey Salad


Give a second life to lots of Thanksgiving leftovers at once! The Leftover Cranberry and Turkey Salad is best when served on toast made of rustic bread.



Creamy Turkey Sauce


This recipe has a perfect combination of ingredients, a great taste and a wonderful presentation: served in puff pastry boats, the Creamy Turkey Sauce is a meal fit for a king!


These Thanksgiving leftover recipes will help you save lots of good foods and avoid twinges of conscience – no part of the holiday dinner will end up in the garbage, that’s for sure!

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