8 Easy Tricks for Spooky Treats

You sure need more Halloween recipes and ideas, because the creepy holiday is just around the corner! Learn more tricks of making your own stylized spooky treats quick and easy!



Mummy Dogs


These babies are cutely scary! Or scary cute! Anyway, you won’t need much time or cooking experience to bake a batch of Mummy Dogs if you follow the easy recipe!


Monster Toast


Remember Frankenstein and his monster? Well, this might be an edible version of the novel! Mash avocados with lemon juice, season with salt, spread on toast, add a few finishing touches – and voila! - Monster Toast is ready to surprise your eaters!


Mummy Sandwiches


These mummies don’t even need any wrapping or dough gauze. Cook the pizza-flavored Mummy Sandwiches like 1-2-3: spread, top and broil!


Witch Finger Breadsticks


You can use a piping bag with a large tip to make separate breadsticks or roll the dough out, sprinkle with cheese and bake as a whole to cut up into Witch Finger Breadsticks when it has cooled down enough to handle – the result will be impressive either way!


Devilish Eggs


This is a simple recipe for deviled eggs with a creepy twist! Add a kick to the filling with hot paprika and hot sauce, then do some cutting and top each of your Devilish Eggs with a surprisingly lifelike black olive spider!


Bat Wings


Marinated in a sophisticated sauce, these Bat Wings are a creepy delight for the eye and the palate. Add some blackness with soy and hoisin sauces, coat them with black sesame seeds and arrange on separate plates to resemble bats spreading their wings.


Eyeball Cake Pops


Yikes! This recipe has a freaky name and a matching styling. The best thing about these Eyeball Cake Pops is that you needn’t go into the trouble of baking frosted red velvet cupcakes if you don’t want to, but if you do, you can always go for an upgraded version of the recipe and make it from scratch.



Scary Strawberries


Add sweetness to your Halloween menu with these easy-as-pie Scary Strawberries. Melt, dip and draw, or ask your kids to help you out – they will be eager to cook this fun recipe!


Cook some of these dishes for Halloween or use them as decoration ideas, OR build on our recipes and cook your own spooky snacks! It’s time to scare up some Halloween fun!   

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