All-Purpose Breakfast Superstars

Everyone knows that breakfast is the meal they have to eat themselves, as it is the fuel that can support you almost all day long. However, not any food you eat for breakfast is equally nutritious and beneficial. To know what to choose, look through the list of all-purpose breakfast ingredients we gathered for you! The best thing about these superfoods is that you can wed them with almost any recipe, so your thoughtfully developed breakfast menu will stay intact!





This wonder seed is packed with fiber and omega-3 fats that help boost your brain activity – just sprinkle it over your morning oatmeal or yogurt. Make sure though that you take your flax ground, otherwise it will leave your body undigested.



Pistachios are not only delicious and fun to eat, they are known for their effective cholesterol-lowering properties endowed to them by phytosterols. If you can’t think of a way to include pistachios into your morning routine, sprinkle chopped nuts on a toast coated in chocolate nut spread.



Despite the strong association with Indian cuisine, this spice goes extremely well with such a simple food as beaten eggs. Enjoy a new twist on the well-known veggie breakfast dish with this Tomato-Onion Omelet with Turmeric recipe!




Spread a couple tablespoons of this yummy Easy Hummus on a half of toasted whole-grain bagel to enjoy a fiber- and protein-rich filling breakfast.



Sprinkle a handful of, say, raspberries on your pancakes or waffles, eat them with yogurt or oatmeal – in any case, your breakfast will provide you with 20% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C!


Stock your cupboard and fridge shelves with the 5 breakfast superfoods to ensure a healthy and savvy breakfast for yet another bright and happy day!



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