Almost All Football Season Recipes

A new long-awaited football season has just started, and fans are ready to gather in front of TV screens watching the favorite teams showing their paces. Are you nervous? Need to eat your feelings? We’ve prepared for you a special list of easy-to-cook yummy meals to satisfy our hunger quickly, so be sure – once you try them you’ll never have to search for any other football party recipes!

S’mores Dip

A dessert meal for a football party? If to choose one, it should be nothing but this melty and delicious S’mores Dip recipe. This food will disappoint neither you nor your guests and will make your football menu much more diversified.


3-Ingredient Salsa

Does salsa seem a too complicated and hard-to-prepare sauce? Try this simplest 3-Ingredient Salsa recipe – a true treasure-trove for true football fans – and you’ll hardly ever want to cook any other sauce for your house-parties.


Mediterranean Kolaches

Although kolaches is originally a Czech pastry it’s got a second wind in the United States. The renewed recipe includes Italian sausages and mozzarella, thus becoming a truly universal dish. You’re to be the next to try the delicius Mediterranean Kolaches recipe!


Taco Pizza

In fact, this dish can look differently depending on what you feel belongs in tacos. The Taco Pizza recipe that we offer includes ground beef, a few spices and kitchen herbs, and is topped with sliced jalapeños and fresh cilantro.


Easy Buffalo Wings

What football party can do without wings? An NFL season party demands not just baked or broiled wings, but fried ones, as they harmonise with the festive and casual atmosphere of the event. Cook this Easy Buffalo Wings recipe, and let the football spirit grip you!


Chunky Guacamole

Let this Chunky Guacamole recipe serve as a basis for the guacamole that you prefer – you’re welcome to add more onions, more jalapeños , or even tomatoes to make the sauce sweeter. But you can as well use our avocado version of the dish – simply mix all the ingredients and enjoy!

Jalapeños Dip for the Brave

If you’re tired of spinach and artichoke dip, cream cheese and veggies dip, and other will-known and therefore a bit cliché dipping sauces try this Jalapeños Dip for the Brave recipe. Spicy jalapeños and chili powder make it a great idea for your football party!


It’s time to invite friends, turn on the TV, and cook the party food! Start the new NFL season with our indispensable football season recipes!

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