American Culinary Legacy: 10 Foods Invented in the US

Some say the US has no cuisine at all. But its total blasphemy! Within their succinct history, the American people managed to invent some of the boldest, weirdest and the most creative dishes known to man! And we are proud of them, despite the fact that most US recipes can be characterized as greasy, cheesy or deep-fried, because they are also comforting, filling and delightful to the very last bite!



Corn Dogs

Deep-fried food is the favorite choice of state fair visitors and an endless source of creative ideas for vendors. We have deep fried just about everything from ice cream to coke, but corn dogs still remain the most popular treat. Many vendors claimed to have invented the keeping-your-hands-clean deep fried dog on a stick, but the earliest corn dogs were introduced at a Texas State Fair at some time between 1938 and 1942.


Philly Cheesesteak

Cooking this iconic sandwich in a classy way is almost illegal. The Governor of Pennsylvania explained that only the fattiest meat could endow the Philly Cheesesteak with a proper taste. Then, despite its obviously cheesy nature, the sandwich is not allowed to be cooked with quality cheese – it’s the Cheese Whiz that is the appropriately-melting ingredient.


Chinese Food

Yes, we are not mistaken: your favorite boxes with Asian noodles were invented in the US! As well as egg rolls, chop suey, fortune cookies and many other seemingly-Chinese street foods.



It’s impossible to determine the source or reason for s’mores popularity, but it has long become a stated fact: pop a marshmallow on a dirty stick your younger brother has just broken off from a bush, burn it over the bonfire until crisp and use the gooey mass to assemble a sandwich from two pieces of Graham cracker and two squares of chocolate and there you have it - a treat no American would refuse!



Reuben Sandwich

This pretend-international food was also invented in the US: about a pound of extra-spicy pastrami is covered with “Swiss” cheese, topped with orange “Russian” dressing and jammed between two slices of bread.


Cobb Salad

This is a dish that was invented by Americans for conscience-clearing purposes – no salad can be considered unhealthy. Not even the one that unites bacon, eggs, cheese, and a little bit of leafy green lettuce.


Baked Alaska

At one point we must have got tired of choosing between pie and ice cream for dessert; this was when baked Alaska appeared. Don’t disapprove of the idea, though, before you try this dish consisting of incompatible ingredients. And even if you tried and disliked it – dare to bake a boxful of ice cream in a pie before you say anything derogatory!


Buffalo Wings

This is a great way of getting bland chicken taste more like flavorful pork! Buffalo wings are usually served with extra hot sauce and a handful of veggies to cleanse the palate between the crispy bites.



Have you heard of a stuffed camel served at Bedouin weddings? Well, that’s a US twist on the idea: stuff a chicken into a duck, and a duck into a turkey to get the brilliantly coined Turducken – and enjoy it on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or – which is the best option of all, since the dish is purely American – the Fourth of July.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream


Americans just love chocolate chip cookies, but who has the time to actually bake them anymore? Well, in fact, who would want to if there is a much faster – and tastier – way to enjoy the goodness of chocolate chip cookie dough – this is exactly why chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream flavor was invented! We bet you’ve tried most of the purely American foods above. We would also bet that the appetizing list has left you drooling! Hurry up to the kitchen to turn your craving into yet another culinary masterpiece cooked with your own hands! And we will stay here a little longer - to enjoy being an inspiration!



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