Christmas Cooking Dinner Tips

We all know how stressful dinner preparations can be: the guests are about to arrive, and you are still rushing about the kitchen with your cheeks glowing red to the envy of Santa himself. But you needn’t go through all this – just cook some of the Christmas recipes ahead of time!

Food quest

Check you cupboards before you do your Christmas shopping. You can already have mincemeat, nuts or dried fruit, marzipan, antipasti for appetizer recipes, etc. This gastronomic quest will not only save your time and money, but also clean your cupboards.

Gravy and stuffing

Gravy and stuffing both freeze very well, so you can prepare them long before Christmas and just defrost on the day. Add the juices from your Christmas turkey to the gravy to refresh it. It’s a good idea to use slow cooker recipes and cook the stuffing before freezing it in order not to take the oven space on the day (get the Best Stuffing recipe!)


  • Braise the red cabbage a few days in advance – its taste will only improve over time; besides, it reheats wonderfully. Here's a gret red cabbage dish idea you can try this Christmas - Sweet&Sour Red Cabbage!
  • On December, 23, boil the Brussels sprouts and drop them in ice-cold water to prevent them from overcooking; keep in the fridge and reheat on the day to make this Brussels Hazelnut Salad. You can do the same thing with most vegetables for your healthy recipes.
  • You can also parboil and freeze potatoes. If you prefer to cook from fresh, peel and chop them the night before; keep in a water-filled container to prevent them from browning.
  • Boil parsnips up to a day before and keep them in the fridge to cut down on the day and use in the vegan recipes you decided to cook. You can also freeze them.


You can buy an oven-ready turkey, but if you want to debone the bird, do it on the night before you start cooking your Christmas dinner recipes. Rinse it and pat it dry; prepare the filling – stuffing, onions, herbs, etc. Keep everything in the fridge in separate airtight containers.


  • Like stuffing or gravy, bread sauce also freezes well. But it can keeps in the fridge for a surprisingly long time, too – make it a few days in advance in order not to waste time defrosting it.
  • Cranberry sauce also keeps very well, plus we'ge got an Easy Cranberry Sauce recipe that won't take up much of your time!


Do not look for cake recipes or any baking recipes - choose easy recipes that do not require oven space: cold dessert recipes, chocolate mousse recipes, frozen dessert recipes are ideal. You can go for Mocha Chocolate Truffles or Liqueur&Chocolate Creams and chill them overnight. As for Christmas pudding, you can make it in advance and steam for a few hours on the day.

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