Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes

Bet you are willing to fill your home with the wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies already! No need to wait any longer! Choose any of the five classic Christmas cookie recipes and get ready to treat Santa to the best midnight snack!



Soft Sugar Cookies


An easy recipe and a soft, delectable outcome – what else would you want from your Christmas cookies?  Bake these Soft Sugar Cookies as cutouts and decorate with frosting or just roll dough balls, flatten them with the palm of your hand, bake and sprinkle with colored sugar.


Classic Gingerbread Cookies + Frosting


Is there anything these cookies are not? They are delicious, low on calories, they make exquisite Christmas ornaments and can even keep for years, you name it! Cook the frosting, too, and let your inner artist out to make the Classic Gingerbread Cookies a real Christmas masterpiece!


Almond Thumbprints with Raspberry


Shortbread cookies with bright and sweet centers of seedless raspberry jam… Mmm! Cook the Almond Thumbprints with Raspberry and drizzle them with almond glaze while still warm for a sophisticated final touch. 


Gingerbread Men Cookies


The recipe is super easy – these Gingerbread Men Cookies are made with instant butterscotch pudding mix and do not call for molasses!



Chocolate Sandies with Pecan


Little round melt-in-your-mouth cookies with a pronounced taste of pecans will fill your heart with warmth and anticipation for the holiday season!  Roll the Chocolate Sandies with Pecan in confectioner’s sugar for additional sweetness and beautiful color contrast.


Let Christmas into your home early with these yummy Christmas cookie recipes! Even if you are not a kid any longer, your inner child is sure to rejoice!

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