Comfort Casseroles for Stressful Day's Nights

Let’s face the truth: anything that is cooked in the oven and topped with deliciously melted cheese is not only a perfect evening comfort food, but one step short of a culinary masterpiece. 
But our palate never stops craving something new and this is why we prepared this list of top 5 new casserole recipes that exploit tried-and-true combinations of foods and turn them into a feast for a crowd of hungry eaters! 

Grilled Cheese Casserole 

There is hardly anything that goes together just as well as cheese and tomato soup do. Toast the bread in the oven, top it with cheese and let the sandwiches melt together with tiny juice tomatoes in a big dish that will feed your whole family. To get the recipe, click here.

Baked Potato Casserole

Twice baked potatoes are a fool-proof dinner dish, all so cheesy and satisfying. But in case you’ve been dreaming of saving yourself the trouble of scraping the insides of each and every potato and then trying to cram the stuff back into the skins, try this recipe and spoon the creamy goodness right onto your dinner plate.    

Burger Macaroni Casserole

Try this gastronomic know-how– two independent dishes combined in one cheesy dinner! Both sloppy joe sauce and mac-n-cheese are yummy on their own, but if you mix them together, supplement with lean ground beef, gourmet pickles and about a ton of Cheddar, you’ll get a dish that will make both children and grow-ups lick their plated clean and ask for another helping! You'll find the amazing recipe here

Sloppy Tacos

Tacos are almost everyone’s fave, but tortillas limit the amount of everything you can stuff inside them. Here’s an idea: put everything you would love to munch on in your taco into a baking dish, top with loads of cheese and bake in the oven to skip the wrapping part and fix tacos for a big dinner in a wink! Peek here to get the recipe!

Onion Soup Flavored Casserole

Stop deceiving yourself: your favorite part of the famous French onion soup is the stringy melted cheese floating on top. So, why not enjoy it in a casserole recipe that unites the sophisticated flavor of onion soup and the simplicity of a sandwich?


If life’s trouble puts you in need of dealing your stress, don’t hesitate to increase your cheese intake and cook one of the casserole recipes listed above! You'll not only enjoy the meal immensely, but keep the shrink away as well!


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