Crunchy Tips: Best Nacho Recipes

You can’t spoil nachos, can you? Just sprinkle tortilla chips with cheese and broil until it melts – a perfect result guaranteed! However, sometimes you feel daring enough to go beyond the simple basics, so you let your creativity loose and add anything you feel will match the salty chips. Unfortunately, not all of such impromptu combinations will be winning. Here are a few tips on how to cook a fool-proof nacho appetizer to munch on passionately during the next football match, when the adrenaline runs really high!

Basic Tips


Use thick corn chips – they will withstand exposure to wet toppings and stay sturdy. If you want to add a splash of color to your nacho plate, throw in some red or blue tortilla chips – they will not surprise your taste buds, but will surely please the eye!


Avoid strong flavors – lightly-salted chips may seem boring, when you eat them alone, but they will never muffle the taste of the sophisticated topping you invent.  



Cheesy Clues


Buy a bulk – don’t use packaged shredded cheese, because it is usually treated with stabilizers to prevent caking, and stabilizers aren’t the healthiest ingredients, especially when they are subjected to heating. Go into the trouble of shredding Cheddar and Monterey Jack yourself and mix them together to make a fresh melty cheese blend!  



More is More


Think layer-cake – start with tortilla chips, cover them with hot toppings, then cheese, seasonings and vegetables. Repeat at least once. Be generous – you need your football food to be interesting from top to bottom.


Bits for bites – shred chicken, dice tomatoes or other veggies into small pieces that allow easy sharing – you don’t want your big game big dish get too messy!


First hot, then cold – don’t add ingredients like fresh herbs, guacamole or sour cream too early – heat will spoil their looks and tastes. Add cold ingredients right before you serve the nachos.


Ease your clean-up – line the baking pan with foil before you layer it with chips and toppings.



Tried-and-true Nacho Combinations

Here are a few ideas you can use:

Italian Nacho Pizza – combine tortilla chips with Italian sausage and banana peppers, dip into pizza sauce and enjoy (recipe here!)

Beef & Cheese Nachos – dress browned ground beef in barbecue sauce and sprinkle with cheese (recipe here!)

Spicy Bean Nachos – lentils, beans, corn and cheese make this dish is delicious and filling even without meats (get the recipe!)

Classy Chicken Nachos – cook your nachos restaurant-style (get the recipe!)

And if you are ready for something totally new, try cooking a bowlful of this Crunchy Nacho Pie recipe!

You can literally take any of the combinations - they’re all winning – and cook a superb appetizer! Or you can use them as a basis for your own culinary venture! Good luck!

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