Easy Recipes to Start New Year with No Fuss

New Year is almost always a new beginning. Let it start with no fuss and be flavorful like our new healthy recipes! They are just the thing you need after a week of holiday food indulgence: the cooking is quick and easy, the tastes are unfamiliar, plus the cleanup is very simple – most of easy New Year recipes are one-pan dishes!



Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard


This recipe is a great, easy and healthy solution for post-holiday dinners when you don’t want to cook at all! Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard cooks in less than half an hours, with hands-on time brought to a minimum, so that you won't have to dine on holiday cookies and popcorn!


Simple Kale Salad


An easy and delicious way to eat more of seasonal winter greens. Cook the Simple Kale Salad as a light side dish, and even if you are afraid of the bitterness, don’t reduce the amount of kale – those who have never tried kale before admit that the salad is delicious!


Easy Turkey Stew


It is a twist on the traditional goulash. Made with lean turkey and lots of vegetables, this Easy Turkey Stew will make a quick and healthy meal, especially when served with a crispy fresh salad.


Spicy Roasted Cauliflower


Children seldom enjoy cooked vegetables, but this recipe is wonderful! Spicy Roasted Cauliflower has a full taste and all the use of the veg in a single serving, but your eaters will surely beg for more!



Easiest Chicken with Garlic and Rosemary

This recipe for easy baked chicken is best when served with rice. Easiest Chicken with Garlic and Rosemary will make a flavorful, yet light dinner – just the thing you need after days of festive feasting!


Happy New Year! May it be light and easy, may it bring you everything you want and enjoy, including new and delicious foods! 

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