Get Well without Medications – 5 Meals to Get Rid of a Headache

Today chronic headaches spoil lives of millions of people around the world, becoming one of the most wide-spread health problems an average person suffers from.  But in many cases it's impossible to lie in the dark for several hours or take a medicine, which is, in its turn, not the most natural method of conquering migraines. A much better way to feel better is to cook a tasty dish that will both cheer you up and relieve the pain. Try these awesome natural painkillers that are able to stop and prevent any kind of headache!

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are probably the worst types of headaches, as they’re in most cases accompanied by dramatic light sensitiveness and nausea. Studies have proved that the best way to fight migraine headaches is to eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), able to decrease the occurrence of migraine attacks up to 48%. Try this tasty and healthy Roasted Portobello, Shiitake, and Crimini Mushrooms recipe to never let migraine ruin your great weekend plans!


Hormonal Headaches

Similar to migraines, hormonal headaches in most cases hurt one side of the head. The most common cause of such headaches is low estrogen level; that’s why many women suffer from migraines more often than men do, and the most frequent migraine attacks occur during the periods of decreased estrogen levels. Magnesium is one of the most effective remedy against hormonal headaches, and lots of it can be found in bananas, spinach, or sweet potatoes. Prepare this Sweet Potato Pie recipe to boost your magnesium levels, and feel great any time of the month!


Tension Headaches

Stress is known to cause lots of troubles that our organism has to fight with, and headaches are not an exception. In you’ve ever experienced unpleasant tension in your neck muscles or around the temples then you know what we’re talking about, but probably don’t know how to cope with this torturing pain without powerful analgesics. Coenzyme Q10, an effective antioxidant, helps our blood vessels work better, thus reducing headache, and protects our organisms against toxins and free radicals that ruin our body. Treat yourself to this delicious Barbequed Mackerel with Soy, Ginger & Lime recipe to get rid of these importunate headaches!


Headaches Caused by Cold or Flu

When we’re ill we become helpless and feeble, don’t want to eat anything, and suffer from constant disturbing headache. The cause of such headaches is dehydration – a process when a body loses vital salts, and can’t make up for the loss of water. Eat more fruit like grapefruit or watermelon, or try this yummy Summer Fruit Salad recipe to stay hydrated and avoid nasty headaches!


Herbal Tea to Cope with a Headache

Herbs and herbal teas have been used as efficient remedies against headaches for thousands of years, and this tradition, as you can guess, first appeared in China. Today there is no need to travel to another country or even look for a drugstore to buy mint or green tea, as they can be found in the closest supermarket. Make flavorful mint tea with our Fresh Mint Tea recipe, drink it several times a day, and headaches will go away!

We’re sure that our compilation of foods against headaches recipes will prove useful and helpful for every person who wants to stay fit without medicines, so try them right now to plan your own healthy diet!

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