Healthy and Indulging: New Chicken Recipes

Chicken is not only one of the most affordable, yet healthy sources of protein; the smell of crispy roasted chicken is more than satisfying – it is heavenly! Besides being delicious on its own, chicken readily soaks flavors of spices, marinades and sauces, thus adding incredible variety to your diet without actually changing much in it!

The list of chicken dishes is literally endless. Many cuisines favor chicken for its delicate taste, the ease of required cooking methods and the lighting speed with which you can cook it from scratch: just rub a whole chicken with spices and herbs and a teaspoon of oil and toss it in the oven to get a gorgeous dinner!

Almost every cook has a couple of tried-and-true chicken recipes. However, if you want to try some new and interesting ideas of cooking chicken, look through the short list of chicken recipes below: we bet you will find an idea that will spruce up your next dinner!

Please note that, despite cooking fast, chicken needs quite a while to get thoroughly marinated. However, preparing the marinade and marinating itself won’t take any longer than 10 minutes of your time. So, make sure you remember to rub the chicken with a flavorful spice mixture a night in advance and keep it in the fridge till it’s time to cook.

A great idea is to replenish your stock of chicken breasts for a busy day’s evening meal – they’re super easy and fast to cook and great to enjoy after a hectic workday!
And now, it’s time to explore new ideas:

Chicken Tagine

This easy-to-cook Chicken Tagine is served with light, fluffy couscous that soaks up the chicken sauce and complements the lean, yet juicy chicken like nothing else! (Get the recipe!)

Paprika Roast Chicken

Just mix all the ingredients and rub them onto the chicken and under its skin to get a nicely-colored stunningly-smelling dinner for a whole family! (Get the recipe!)

Skinny BBQ Chicken

Marinate the chicken breasts overnight to get them soak up every delicious flavor note of this homemade BBQ sauce and grill them to get an indulging, yet very lean and healthy dinner! (Get the recipe!)

Low Fat Chicken Shawarma

Stuff the pita bread with spicy roasted chicken, fresh vegetables and a yogurt-based sauce and enjoy your light dinner! (Get the recipe!)

Chicken Sajji (BBQ)

Marinated with chilies, garlic, lemon and other spices, this chicken will add a nice oriental twist to your regular BBQ party! (Get the recipe!)

The choice of chicken dishes is endless, but we selected just 5 less familiar recipes: we don’t want to overwhelm you with options to let you make culinary discoveries by measurable chunks, giving each a proper thought and taste!

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