National Frozen Food Month Tips

The anticipation of spring has reached a critical level, but while we are all too ready to wake up from hibernation, most garden cultures are not. But don’t you worry – March is National Frozen Food Month! Below you will find the tips on how to stock your freezer up and use frozen fruit and vegetables to your benefit!

How Frozen Foods are Made

Sorting and processing of frozen raspberries and blackberries

First and foremost, the freezer section only offers perfectly ripe and fresh fruit and vegetables. They were harvested at their best, transported lightning-fast to a processing facility, cleaned (sometimes cut) and locked up in color, taste and nutrition with the help of quick steaming. Then the fruit and veggies were flash-frozen – to zero °F or even colder within a couple of minutes. And, if all that weren’t enough, finally, they were checked by quality inspectors!

Benefits of Frozen Foods

Assorted frozen vegetables on a wooden cutting board

Frozen foods make one of the healthiest grocery store choices, and here’s why:

  • Almost all frozen foods are ready to cook: cleaned, cut, and prepped in the necessary manner.
  • Most frozen foods contain no added salt or sugar (read the label, though, to be perfectly sure).
  • Fruit and vegetables for freezing are picked at their prime, which means they are as close to seasonal fresh varieties as can be.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables can keep for 6 months or even last up to a year, so you can save a lot of money if you stock up on frozen foods in March.

Celebrating National Frozen Food Month

Most stores offer enticing deals and coupons for frozen foods to support the tradition. And since frozen food can last up to 6 months or even more, March is a great money-saving opportunity! Stuff your freezer with discount goods and have fresh fruit and vegetables for up to a year!

How to Use Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

There is a number of healthy ways to use frozen foods. While some of them are too obvious, there are some that will be a revelation:

Quick Dinner Sides

Consider steam-in-bag option for a healthy side dish that can be cooked in minutes!

Classy Ice Cubes

Toss a handful of frozen berries or chopped fruit into your drink to enjoy the coolness! Plus, fruit and berry ice cubes (or bits?) look very pretty in a transparent pitcher – and taste great, too!

For a drink with a kick, mix liquor with sparkling water and add frozen chopped fruit or berries.

Coolness and Texture for Smoothies

Pretty frozen raspberries and blueberries on top of a berry smoothie

Morning smoothies are so much better with frozen produce, since there is no excess water from ice to thin down the taste!

Vitamin-Loaded, Colorful Meals

Clean, chopped and ready-to-use – what can be better! Add a handful of frozen veggies to beaten eggs – and get a pretty and tasty breakfast frittata! Stir-fry meat with frozen carrots, peas, bell peppers, or other vegetables and enjoy an easy vitamin-loaded lunch! Throw a handful into your soup and enjoy the looks and increased nutrition value of your soup for dinner!

Pureed Soups

Think of it as a vegetable smoothie – blend with a little water, season with salt and fav spices, bring to a short boil – and voila, your purred soup is done!

Ice Pops

Homemade vegan strawberry ice pops

In fact, all you need to make this yummy dessert is frozen bananas and a food processor. Oh, and any other ingredient of your choice (peanut butter, honey, frozen berries or other fruit, etc.), in case you want to add variety!

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