Roast Integrity: 5 Finger Licking Good Whole Chicken Recipes

A well-roasted chicken can make any dinner special, be it an after-work weekday occasion or a festivity. But the best thing about it is that whole roast chicken recipes are usually fairly simple. The chicken may need to sit in the oven for a while, that's true, but we are mostly interested in hands-on time, aren’t we? So, you can choose any of these whole roast chicken recipes and be sure that you’ll get a dinner your eaters will rave about with no fuss at all!

Spicy Roast Chicken

This is the best example of ‘no-fuss’ recipe. Just throw every ingredient into the oven-proof pan, pop it into the preheated oven and this Spicy Roast Chicken recipe will be ready to satiate your hunger in no time!


Salt Roast Chicken

Moderation is the key to many things, but this is not the case. Don’t be afraid of the salt in this recipe; in fact, make a nice thick salt coat for your bird and send it to withstand the high heat of the oven. You will be surprised how juicy, tender and simply amazing the outcome of this Salt Roast Chicken recipe is! Complement it with a simple sauce and enjoy!


Sticky Roast Chicken


Try this Sticky Roast Chicken recipe if you want to treat your hungry ones to a restaurant-style dinner at home. It sits a little too long in the oven, but why not cook it on a lazy weekend, when you are in no hurry? Trust us, the result is worth the waiting: soft meat is falling off the bone and the pan juices turn into a caramelized sauce you can serve your bird with!


Paprika Roast Chicken

The only thing you need to do to cook the Paprika Roast Chicken recipe is to rub the bird with spices and let it sizzle in the oven for an hour or so. Don’t toss the juices, though – mix them with sour cream and serve your chicken with the tender creamy sauce.

3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken

How can something so simple be that gorgeous? Cook this 3-ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken and find out the proof to the well-known phrase: “Brevity of the ingredient list is the soul of a good dinner” (okay, it does not go exactly like this, but who cares as long as the recipe is amazing?!)


Choose the whole roast chicken recipe you like best and make it the star of your next family dinner!


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