Superhero Recipes for National Comic Book Day

This Sunday all fans of comic books and superhero movie are celebrating a lesser-known, yet nonetheless amazing holiday called National Comic Book Day. Most supers have always been picky about food, and now the time has come to find out why. Here is the list of superheroes’ favorite foods with recipes (in case you want to feel like one yourself):

Beef Bourguignon (with Ketchup) - Superman


Okay, let’s start with the only superhero that was reasonable enough not to give his whole heart to junk food. Superman orders beef bourguignon almost every time he eats out and Lois has even nicknamed him B.B.W.K. in an over-the-phone conversation. Some argue that at one point Superman became a vegetarian, but is it even possible to deny yourself the pleasure of savoring this delicious Classic Beef Bourguignon recipe once you’ve tried it?


And now we proceed with numerous fast food fans:


Tacos  - Zatanna


The famous superhero magician loved the spicy Mexican dish so much that she had traveled through 52+ different universes to find a perfect recipe. Too bad she has not dropped by TastyCookery – we have the best and most unusual taco recipes right here (click to get recipes): Taco Pizza, Sloppy Tacos and Asian-style Tacos With Fish and Napa Cabbage Salad!


Chimichangas – Deadpool


It’s impossible to enumerate all of the foods the Merc With a Mouth has professed love for, but his only true and well-documented love – beside his girlfriend, obviously – is  love for Mexican food, or, to be more precise, deep-fried chimichangas. But we at TastyCookery do our best to promote healthy eating, so we offer you to cook this alternative Oven-baked Chimichangas recipe!   


Pizza - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This is probably the most well-known superhero food. In fact, we have featured it as this week’s cover picture for this reason! However, this is not totally authentic, as the heroes of the original comics only eat pizza occasionally. But we will stick with the cartoon where they’re grabbing slices of delicious hot pizza with stringy cheese out of the box in almost every episode. Feeling hungry for pizza already? Then cook one of these amazing recipes we have (click to get the recipe): Taco Pizza, Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza, Italian Nacho Pizza, or use our Foolproof Pizza Dough recipe to cook any other kind of pizza you fancy!


Nachos - Batman  


Another debatable treat, as the Bruce Wayne in the original comics was good at cooking steak. In the cartoon series, however, Batman favored nachos, and you can see why if you cook one of the unusual nacho variations we offer (click to get the recipe): Crunchy Nacho Pie, Italian Nacho Pizza, Beef & Cheese Nachos, Spicy Bean Nachos, or Classy Chicken Nachos!    


Burgers  - Wolverine


Yet another debatable fave food, as many would say that Wolverine preferred beer to any other source of carbs and proteins. But the canonical video game reveals that Wolverine favored burgers with a twist – with onions, chili sauce, pickles, jalapenos and cheese. We also have a few burger recipes with a twist - Best Cookout Burger recipe that features bacon grease and Burger Macaroni Casserole recipe that tastes just a good, but does not fall apart in your hands due to the abundance of ingredients.


And as a dessert:


Wheat Cakes - Spider-Man


There’s no stronger food association with Peter Parker than wheat cakes. He loved them so much, that Aunt May even declared in one of the comics that her wheat cakes are Peter’s favorite breakfast.  You can also try cooking the famous cakes (which, simple put, are cooked according to this Buckwheat Pancakes recipe) and see if you have something in common with the famed webslinger!


Have you decided on your super weekend menu yet? Then gather all your culinary superpowers and save the world – sorry, cook dinner! We hope some of the superhero food recipes we offered will be helpful and entertaining! Have fun!

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