5 Simple Things to Prepare Weeks Ahead of Thanksgiving

Big holidays always make us push the limits and put our organization, let alone cooking, skills to a stress test. And Thanksgiving is probably the most overwhelming of all. This is why it is reasonable to start getting ready very early, while the day is still more than two weeks ahead. Read on to find out what you can do even now!



Check if your kitchen equipment is in good fix


Pre-plan your menu and think about all the pans and dishes it will require. Do you need more platters to serve all the appetizers you are planning to cook? What about bowls or serving spoons? Try to borrow everything you are missing – no need to buy kitchen gear for a one-day occasion. And finally, are your knives sharp enough? You want to slice fast and smoothly on Thanksgiving, so check the ones you’ll use for the most recipes and if they are not, take the knives to a pro right now, just because everyone is putting it off to a later date, and now there is no rush. Don’t worry about dulling them in the two weeks – you can always keep them sharp by honing with a knife steel after every use.


Make sure you have enough dishes, silverware and glassware


If you are hosting a dinner, you might need more – much more! – crockery and cutlery than you usually use. Even if you seem to have everything you need for a regular festive dinner, think about the dessert! Try to borrow whatever you lack; you may even ask some of the quests to bring dishes or forks and make sure you return them afterwards squeaky clean and gleaming. Oh, and don’t forget about the glasses (that’s what we almost did right now!) You will serve a variety of beverages, so you’ll most certainly need wine glasses, water glasses, and glasses for any other beverages you have on your menu.


Plan your table decorations


Decide on what you are going to use (if you are going to decorate the table at all) and think of where and when it’s best to get it. If you are considering candles, do you have ones that will fit your candlesticks? And do you have a tablecloth that’s big and clean enough? Do you have vases to hold all the flowers you are planning to buy? Make sure you have all the answers and solutions this early – the last thing you want to do on Thanksgiving morning is rush about your home looking for a tablecloth!


Clean out the fridge and eat down the freezer


If you always know what’s in the freezer and use it on a regular basis, we applaud your organization skills! But usually the dishes and packages just pile up to leave no space for Thanksgiving make-aheads. Eat what’s in the frozen depths right now to make room for pie crusts and casseroles!



Refresh/replenish your herb and spice stock


You want your dishes and baked goods to taste the best, don’t you? Smell and taste whatever you have in your cupboards, and if anything has gotten stale, discard and replace it without a doubt! When buying, pick smaller packages or scoop small quantities from bulk bins – this way you’ll have strong-flavored herbs and spices throughout the whole year and reduce waste.


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