Top Foods to Eat in February

February might be winter’s refined torture, a way to test human patience. Spring is not exactly on its way yet, and still, we need it desperately to come a.s.a.p. and add variety to our lives. But why, let’s do it ourselves by incorporating surprising seasonal produce into our February menu!



Beef steak with rosemary and spices on a wooden table

It’s not that you can’t braise meat in any other season, but February is the dank time when one craves warmth and homeliness most. Plus, meats that are good for braising are usually less expensive cuts – having spent several hours with flavorful vegetables and herbs in a Dutch oven, they will be tender and juicy all the same.

Note: make sure you sear your meat before braising to seal the juices inside every piece.


Broccoli's cousin is good in stews

Don’t be confused by the looks of the greens – these are not young broccoli sprouts! With their slightly more bitter and nutty taste, broccoli rabe is equally good when placed on top of the pizza, sautéed on its own, with chili peppers or sausages.


Solid chocolate bar and cocoa powder on a wooden table

Well-known and loved by many, chocolate has come a long way from a bitter drink to a sweet, comforting bar. And February is the time to enjoy hearty desserts mixed and adorned with chocolate.


Meyer lemon is a cross-breed between regular lemon and orange

Initially grown for decorative purposes, Meyer lemon is now a popular culinary ingredient. It is supposed to be an cross between orange and lemon, and it combines the characteristic features of both: Meyer lemon has a strong taste and an acidic fragrance, just like lemon, and the softness of orange. Use it as regular lemon: add zest to pancakes, sprinkle juice on salads and roast fish.


Radicchio deepens the taste of dishes with sweet and starchy ingredients

Radicchio is the tonic among leaf vegetables. Its sharp, bitter taste adds another dimension to the taste of a dish that also features starchy or sweet foods. Add to it the veg’s bright color and fresh crunch and you’ll see why radicchio is so welcome in many seasonal winter recipes.


Bright radishes are peppery and crunchy

Just like their half-homonym above, sharp-tasting, peppery radishes add a bright shade and a fresh crunch to winter salads. But you can also serve sliced radishes on open sandwiches, pickle them or feature on a dinner on their own – served with flaky salt and butter, radishes make a great side dish.  


Sunchokes can be used in potato recipes

Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, these juicy tubers are, in fact, relatives of sunflowers. They have a mild, nutty taste and offer a fresh alternative to potatoes.



Tangelo is a cross-breed between a pomelo and a tangerine

Another citrus hybrid, tangelo is a cross-breed between a tangerine and a pomelo. It has a mild, sweet flavor with a slight tang to it; its intense juiciness and brightness are the things one would want to see and taste in a citrus fruit on a dreary February day.

Do you know any other seasonal vegetables or fruit that can help add variety to your menu in February? Please share February food ideas in the commentaries!

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