What’s in Season: 5 September Cooking Ideas

Fall is just around the corner, rustling its colored leaves and delighting the eye with a rich harvest. In a little while, it will bring steady rains, cold mists and depressing moods, too, but it is merciful enough to let us transition from season to season seamlessly by starting with September. This month is perfect for cooking: it’s not too cold to indulge in ice cream treats yet, but not too hot either, so you can feel free to use your oven without the danger of getting a heat stroke. Here’s a short list of dishes you should by all means try in September, while the weather sets the mood and farmers provide a rich inventory for experimenting!

Let’s start with the foods that will be at their best right throughout the whole month! Please note though that the list may vary depending on your location and the exact time in September:


Sweet and sour apples, tangy arugula, beans of all kinds, deep red beets, corn, crunchy cucumbers, purple eggplants, fragrant fennel, lush figs, juicy grapes, mangoes, luscious melons and watermelons, okra, pears, colorful fleshy bell peppers, plums, bright pumpkins, shallots, healthy summer and winter squash, and all sorts of tomatoes.

As you can see, the list of cooking opportunities is virtually endless. See what’s available at your local farmer’s market (or in your own garden!) and use the ripe fruit and appetizing vegetables to cook a true September meal!


Autumn Fruit & Cornmeal Crepes

You might think that cooking paper-thin crepes is way more difficult that making regular pancakes, but this is where you are wrong! Almost transparent, crepes take little effort, but look very classy and taste superb! So, why not try and cook Autumn Fruit & Cornmeal Crepes recipe for breakfast while pears are in season? Trust us: they smell so good, that even those who say they are not morning people will be sitting around the table with their faces washed and teeth brushed while you are pouring the last of the batter into the skillet!


Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza

What is the main thing about pizza? That’s right – lots of filling! And September is the time when you can still get any vegetable you like in any amount you need and roast it to create soft and juicy deep dish goodness in under an hour! Moreover, what comes after fall? That’s right – winter with all of its many layers of clothing, so you needn’t worry about a couple extra pounds while enjoying this saucy and cheesy Deep Dish Vegetable Pizza recipe!


Tender Lamb Skewers

The season of BBQ outings is almost over, but you can close it beautifully by marinating diced leg of lamb in yogurt sauce and grilling it on an outdoors grill. This Tender Lamb Skewers recipe is perfect for the occasion: marinating takes up the main bulk of the cooking time (but why would one care if the meat sits unassisted in the fridge while getting soft and tender?) and the grilling itself is lightning-quick!


Savory Pork and Plums Sautee

This is a high-class September dish one can cook in a single pan in less than 30 minutes! Use this Savory Pork and Plums Sautee recipe to treat yourself to a bite of summer sun!  

Healthy Butternut Squash Salad

It is a big lunchtime salad, quite filling, but not beyond the point where you start feeling full and sleepy. Enjoy the combination of flavors and textures in this Healthy Butternut Squash Salad recipe and be assured that besides consuming a more-than-satisfying lunch you also get a good portion of September vitamins and nutrients in a single plate!


So, go ahead and cook each of these delicious healthy recipes on a certain day in September to feel the taste of nearing fall and dispose yourself to enter yet another season and welcome all adventures it is going to bring!


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