Why Would Anyone Eat That?

Despite the obvious resemblance to freshly cooked rice, the product on the plate is not a burrito ingredient. What is the mystery food, then? Turns out, the rice-like white grains are pupae and larvae of ants!

Known in Mexico as escamoles, the ant eggs have been a widely-used cooking ingredient for millennia! Another alternative name for the arguable delicacy is “insect caviar,” and in Thailand, it is known as khai mot daeng, and well-loved, too!

People eat all sorts of shocking foods

The daring ones who tried the dish said that, when fried in butter, escamoles have a nutty quality to their taste and a crunchy texture.   

Fried ant eggs can be eaten on their own, added to omelets or tacos. If by any means, you now decide to use the weird ingredient in cooking, try to throw together an Escamoles Salsa, but make sure you eat it up - the dish can be kept in the fridge for two days only!

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