Yummy Christmas Gifts You Can Cook This Week

We still believe that the best gift is a handmade one, while an EDIBLE handmade gift is probably even better! Get pretty jars and containers and pack up a few Christmas presents you have made in your kitchen using our new food gift recipes!



Chocolate Popcorn with Almonds


A large container of Chocolate Popcorn with Almonds will make a wonderful gift!  Just make sure the popcorn is dry before you start packing gifts, otherwise you’ll get a sticky mess instead of crunchy goodness.


Gift Cake Pops 


This recipe requires no frills, but it allows you to set your creativity ablaze. You can coat the Gift Cake Pops in double chocolate, mix and match various flavors of the cake and icing. You can roll the cake pops in coconut shaves, sprinkles, chopped nuts, etc.  while the chocolate is still moist and package them nicely to make adorable sweet Christmas gifts.


Honey Roasted Peanuts


Spicy and crunchy, these Honey Roasted Peanuts are delicious! It is the evolution of the traditional honey-roasted beer nut recipe that yields a perfect party treat.


Basic Biscotti


Would you like to treat your friends to a gift from Italy? Choose Basic Biscotti – it’s quick, simple and gorgeous when it comes to taste!



Homemade Dog Biscuits


Finally, why not cook a present for your pet friend? Bake a batch of these Homemade Dog Biscuits – they have been voted dogs’ favorite treat. If you decide to give these biscuits to a friend, make sure their dog does not have corn allergy, and if it does, replace the cornmeal with additional flour or oats.


Give your friends and family members more than just a Christmas gift – treat them to the warmth of your heart, your hands and your kitchen that is kept within your homemade food gifts!

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